Eligible S’poreans To Get $200 GST Vouchers

A new household support program will provide some support to all families, with low to middle income families receiving more, Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat said in his 2021 budget speech today (Feb 16) .

The package will include:

  • One-time supplemental GST voucher – Special cash payment of $ 200 for all Singaporeans eligible for the GST voucher – Cash
  • Additional 50% one-year U-Save refund under GST voucher – Special U-Save payment for Housing Commission qualifying apartment homes, amount between $ 120 and $ 200
  • One year extension of the Service and Conservation Fee (S&CC) rebate for all eligible HDB households. The discounts will compensate between 1.5 and 3.5 months of S&CC fees
  • Additional supplement of $ 200 per child through Child Development Account, Edusave Account or Post-Secondary Education Account for families with Singaporean children under the age of 21

All Singaporean households will also receive $ 100 in Community Development Council (CDC) vouchers each, to be used at participating stores and heart hawking centers, Heng said.

To fund this additional tranche of bonds, the government will provide an additional grant of $ 150 million to CDC.

In total, the household support program will cost around $ 900 million.

Featured Image Credit: Sam Kang via Bloomberg

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