Eat Your Spoon When You’re Done To Reduce Waste

In a world where single-use plastic is increasingly frowned upon, disposable plastic cutlery and tableware may soon be a thing of the past.

In addition, the Covid-19 pandemic has derailed the efforts of environmentalists and environmental lovers to reduce plastic waste.

Singaporeans generated an additional 1,334 tonnes of plastic waste during the breaker two months, according to a study by six former Masters of Science students at the National University of Singapore.

This equates to the weight of 92 double-decker buses, and is largely due to the surge in take-out and delivery.

Anna Lam, 30, acknowledged that plastic waste is a growing problem.

In addition to trying to minimize her own consumption, she went one step further to create an edible cutlery startup. Called Crunch Cutlery, it makes and sells edible cutlery enriched with nutrients.

Sustainable Superfood Spoons

edible spoon cutlery crunch
Spoon rich in matcha fiber / Image credit: Crunch Cutlery

During her interview with Vulcan Post, Anna quickly recognized that the concept of edible cutlery has been around for years.

However, “the problem with edible spoons has always been the execution,” Anna said.

Years ago, she signed up as a Kickstarter Funder for Bakeys – another edible spoon project – but never received the product.

When the breaker hit, she found herself stranded at home with all her travel plans canceled.

This, coupled with her passion for sustainability, led her to experiment with various recipes to create her first version of the Crunch Spoon.

Even though she was successful in securing some buyers, she realized that the buyout rate was low and the main challenge was to create a spoon that people actually wanted to eat.

After several iterations, the Singapore Management University (SMU) graduate “stumbled upon” the superfood angle.

Anna and her co-founder Sean Neo recently released a Seven Flavor Line, which features more “fun and healthy” flavors.

Some of the flavors include “Butterfly Pea Lychee”, “Gluten-Free Buckwheat” and “Beet Wholewheat”.

These flavors are suitable for both millennials and those concerned about healthy eating.

We want to make it valuable to the customer (eat our spoons). So far, we haven’t found another brand that has the same value proposition.

We make it easy for you to consume our cutlery – giving consumers their nutritional needs right in the spoon.

Anna Lam, co-founder of Crunch Cutlery in an interview with Vulcan Post

Innovation in every bite

edible spoon cutlery crunch
Image Credit: Crunch Cutlery

Since its inception in August this year, Crunch Cutlery has started distributing its spoons to two stores and is in the process of integrating three more by the end of the year.

According to Anna, the startup has also received a lot of support from various institutions.

For example, it is incubated under the SMU Business Innovations Generator program and the mentoring program of the University of Social Sciences of Singapore.

It also signed a contract with A * STAR to develop more forms of cutlery and continue research and development on how to further strengthen its current products.

It’s still a new idea in Singapore too, although the concept has been around for years. What we do is we have the benefit of looking at the progress of other companies and seeing what makes us different.

Anna Lam, co-founder of Crunch Cutlery in an interview with Vulcan Post

Anna has also made the switch from baking in her home kitchen to a shared baking facility at The Muffinery.

In addition to expanding into other types of cutlery, Anna also hopes to bring Crunch Cutlery overseas over the next 18 months.

On a larger scale, Anna also hopes that Crunch Cutlery can be the “link between customers who take their first step to being eco-friendly and incorporating more sustainable practices into their lives.”

She hopes to see Crunch Cutlery widely available as an eco-friendly option in cafes and dessert stands in the coming year.

While Anna started Crunch Cutlery while juggling a full time job, she is in the process of leaving the corporate world.

She told Vulcan Post that while it took a lot of courage to quit her full-time job, the “overwhelming support” from partners, clients and mentors helped her make decisions.

Before Covid, there were a lot of distractors in Singapore and I had a very traditional life. This is probably the chance of a lifetime to reflect on what makes you truly happy.

Realizing that the corporate world was not for me took a lot of courage, but I’m looking for something worthwhile enough to thrive in my life.

Anna Lam, co-founder of Crunch Cutlery in an interview with Vulcan Post

Featured Image Credit: Crunch Cutlery

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