Eat Just Partners Foodpanda To Deliver Lab-Grown Chicken Dishes

Eat Just announced today (April 20) that it has partnered with food delivery company foodpanda to launch the first home delivery of cultured meat in Singapore starting April 22, which falls on the day of Earth.

This partnership marks an important milestone for both brands in the global effort to achieve food sustainability, with the delivery of this revolutionary and sustainable meat option.

The chef of the Singapore 1880 Private Social Club will offer three new Eat Just’s Good Meat-made chicken dishes, which will be sold on the foodpanda platform for a limited time.

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These dishes are Chicken and rice with coconut rice, pak choi, sweet pepper, chrysanthemums, microgreens; Chicken in Katsu curry with jasmine rice, heirloom carrots, micro shiso, edible flowers; and Chicken Caesar Salad with Kale, Romaine, Edible Flowers, Shaved Radish, Plant-Based Caesar Dressing.

Exclusive GOOD Meat dishes will be available to customers in the 1880 delivery area.

Interested diners can easily access the restaurant via a dedicated carousel on the foodpanda app, and place orders for the dishes of their choice from 11am while stocks last. Customers will also need to enter the voucher code “GOODMEAT” during checkout in order to place a successful order.

GOOD Meat and foodpanda plan to collaborate with other restaurants in Singapore to come up with new dishes for delivery in the coming months. From mid-May, GOOD Meat selections from JW Marriott Singapore South Beach will be available on the platform.

In December of last year, Eat Just launched its first global sales of cultured meat in 1880. Weeks before, Singapore became the first country to endorse cultured meat, which is real, high-quality meat produced. from animal cells.

Stay true to the sustainable development goals

delivery of foodpanda electric bicycles
Image Credit: foodpanda

In order to stay true to the companies’ sustainable goals, each order will be packed in an eco-friendly bamboo box, delivered exclusively on e-bikes.

A Google Cardboard headset will be included with every order featuring an immersive 360-degree film about GOOD Meat’s contribution to improving our planet’s natural food system.

The partnership not only strengthens the commitment of Eat Just and foodpanda to further advancing food sustainability, but also that of foodpanda parent company Delivery Hero.

Delivery Hero’s venture capital fund, DX Ventures, is currently an investor in Eat Just – a testament to the organization’s collective commitment to creating and promoting a sustainable food ecosystem.

“Food is at the heart of our business, and ensuring that we have a sustainable food ecosystem, especially in Singapore where resources are limited, is an important agenda for us. We are delighted to be the first platform in the world to offer cultured meat dishes so that customers in Singapore can be the first customers in the world to enjoy them in the comfort of their own homes, ”said Luc Andreani, Managing Director of foodpanda Singapore.

“Through this partnership, we want to be able to give more people the chance to try cultured meat and get a taste of the future of food.”

The availability of good meat dishes on delivery is a positive step forward in raising public awareness and enthusiasm for cultured meat, and a decisive step in the mass adoption of cultured meat as part of the campaign. our joint efforts to create a sustainable food ecosystem.

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