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Even though online shopping is a much more convenient way to shop, there are still some risks associated with it. You could spend hours going through multiple listings of the same product and the cheapest one could also be a bogus option.

This is why online shopping platforms like LamboPlace put in place measures to address these issues.

LamboPlace works with official retailers and local businesses and they even have their own logistics arm for fast one-day delivery.

Only verified suppliers are allowed

As LamboPlace only works with verified suppliers, official retailers, and brand owners, you don’t have to go through multiple reviews and doubt whether the product you’re buying is genuine or not.

A wide variety of products available

LamboPlace has also informed us that they only accept a product of a brand. Such decisions prevent the market from being too saturated with the same products. They also want to create a reliable and easy-to-use marketplace for customers.

Example: Looking to buy a new Samsung Galaxy Note20 in Mystic Bronze from LamboPlace. When you search for the phone, you will only see one listing for a genuine Samsung Galaxy Note20. (There may be different listings for different specifications and colors.)

It saves you time and money as you don’t have to search for the best price or check if it’s a legitimate product.

They also offer benefits to suppliers

If you are a merchant looking to sell on LamboPlace, they have plans in place to support and grow your business. Currently, they are equipped with tools to help merchants go digital with their free integration services.

LamboPlace informed us that they have also set aside around RM500,000 to help merchants with promotions, digital social media advertising, offline billboards, and even onboarding services. execution.

“This move saves small business owners the trouble of employing additional manpower to manage marketing and customer service. We want to continue to support our ecommerce community and constantly bring them the best deals, especially in these unpredictable times. “

Dato ‘Jason Yap, CEO of LamboPlace

Make sure your shopping variety isn’t limited

In addition to working with official retailers, LamboPlace also works with small local businesses through LamboBazaar, helping them reach different customer bases. Here you can find local and artisanal products that include food, skin care, and even homemade candles.

You can find a plethora of health and wellness products under LamboWellness and on LamboFresh, you can buy fresh seafood, vegetables and meats delivered right to your door.

On top of that, they also work with big brands like Puma, Hypergear, Sony, Supreme, Nike, Sharp, and Electrolux.

Get our new standards in one day

Even after lifting MCO, going to a physical store is still a problem. We have to wear masks, scan QR codes and have our temperature checked too. And the check-in process may also be delayed when you are having a busy day.

So we decided to find out what LamboPlace has to offer. We ordered office supplies such as hand sanitizers, surface cleaners, face masks, toilet rolls, and snacks.

We verified using the LamboPlace app

We used the app version of LamboPlace and signed up to the platform using a Google account. Of course, you can still log into the app with other methods.

We went through the list of products we wanted to buy fairly quickly. Since there is no need to compare or verify if these are verified products, we went through the whole process in minutes.

When it comes to the products on offer, the LamboPlace team told us that they have done some preliminary filtering and selected the best product for you so that you don’t have to scroll endlessly and hope you get the item you are looking for. .

After adding all the items we wanted to the cart, we placed the order around 9am. To our surprise, some of the products also arrived the same day.

Most orders in Klang Valley arrive during the day (at no additional cost). But the delivery time varies when you are outside of Klang Valley. As for the shipping cost, you will be charged per order from different merchants and the cost can be as low as RM2.

Celebrate the platform’s first anniversary

LamboPlace celebrated its first anniversary on August 28th and they launched a few promotions on their platform:

  1. Until 90% reduction on more than 500 brands
  2. Buy online flash offers for Malaysia from € 6.99
  3. Get local favorites from LamboBazaar
  4. RM8 Free shipping with code: SHIPITFREE – For the first 99 orders *
  5. Lambo Mooncake Festival Save up to 50%
  6. CitiCyberSale Biggest Savings Up to 90% Off + Free Shipping
    * Baths and conditions of application.

“Our goal is to create an authentic and worry-free shopping environment, in addition to creating and growing local online businesses, to ultimately strengthen the e-commerce scene in Malaysia,” said Dato ‘Jason Yap, CEO of LamboPlace.

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