Dreamcore Launches First Mechanical Keyboard

The SuperSolid monitor brand is well known for its gaming displays, and it looks like they are quickly venturing into new territory.

Launched by the Singaporean startup Dreamcore, the monitor brand has just released its first mechanical keyboard, the DREAMTYPE 001 (DT-001).

The DT-001 is built on a ten-keyless layout and is dubbed the “perfect essential mechanical keyboard for everyone”.

Here’s why it’s different from the many mechanical keyboards on the market.

An affordable but high-quality typing experience

Image Credit: SuperSolid

There are many mechanical keyboards on the market today, but most are either too expensive or of poor quality.

We have returned to the drawing board to create a mechanical keyboard offering that incorporates the best features of today’s technology while removing unnecessary costs, resulting in a brilliant mechanical keyboard that delivers a well-balanced typing experience. , affordable and above all high quality.

– Eugene Lim, co-founder of SuperSolid

This is because it features what SuperSolid calls a ZeroWarp steel plate, which leads to a nice weight while providing a stable and reliable hitting surface.

It comes in a compact 87-key layout without ten keys, with a detachable braided USB Type-C cable, making it ultra portable for work or play on the go.

Customizable switches

Image Credit: SuperSolid

All DREAMTYPE 001 mechanical keyboards come preloaded with premium Kailh BOX switches in white, brown or red as standard.

The switches are clickable, tactile and linear switches, respectively.

All switches are hot-swappable, which means users can purchase any of Kailh’s many switches while still using the DT-001 platform.

If you go over a particular type of switch, simply replace the switches with the new color of your choice without having to purchase another keyboard.

This offers a bit of flexibility and means you won’t have to go bankrupt every time you want a change.

The DT-001 comes with exclusive sandblasted charcoal black polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) keycaps that enhance the tactile feel of each key.

For those who love the visual, LED light shines through each cap, illuminating the keyboard.

More for your money

The keyboard has been designed with advanced customizable features not found in cards in the same price range.

It aims to provide all the essentials in an affordable package, from its typing experience to its durability and customization.

So if you’re looking for a wallet-friendly, not very fancy mechanical keyboard that does everything you need, this might be one.

You can purchase the Supersolid DREAMTYPE 001 mechanical keyboard from the official Dreamcore store on Lazada for S $ 129.

Featured Image Credit: SuperSolid

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