Don’t Miss These Places in San Francisco

Don’t Miss These Places in San Francisco

A Guide When it comes to going abroad, then the first place which comes to my mind is San Francisco. This pretty city is a complete dosage for the ones who want all flavors in their vacation. It has glimpse of everything in its heart, whether its nature, art, history or culture. The beautiful spots like Union Square, Fisherman’s Wharf, Chinatown, North Beach, Twin Peaks, Golden Gate Bridge and many more will blow your mind away with their mesmerizing beauty.

San Francisco
San Francisco


Alcatraz Tour

Alcatraz is an infamous island and a historical prison. It is one of the most famous attractions of San Francisco. Although there are many tours available to visit this notorious island, but if you love history and want to feel it deeply then plan a night tour. It is less crowded at night. Make sure to book the tickets in advance in order to avoid the hustle and bustle of the last moment. Do not forget to enjoy the free audio tour at the Cell House. The audio tour is available in many languages and can be enjoyed in different languages.


Starting from the City’s Heart

Union square is the heart of the city and the perfect point to start your journey with. It is surrounded by the best and economical hotels of the city. Adding to this, it is a perfect shopping destination and has many beautiful art galleries in its vicinity. These art galleries have a wonderful collection of architecture, pottery, craft, paintings and many more. Most of the San Francisco guided tours have this spot as their starting point. This area witnesses a good frequency of domestic transport facilities and can be chosen as a mode of commutation.


Walk and Talk

While traveling in this wonderful city, you must plan a walking tour. Walking through the historical streets, visiting old libraries and museums makes the tour more interesting and knowledgeable. The locals become your guide and friends and make you aware of many unknown facts and culture of the city. You find some best eating joints and some priceless moments learning and experiencing new things. A camera, a comfortable wear and your favorite shoes are the best companions while exploring San Francisco. The parks, picnic spots and the old streets all make the city beautiful and more attractive.


On The Other Side of the Bay

If you like adventure and are fond of biking, then rent out a bike and ride up to the Muir woods. It is home to the world’s tallest and giant redwoods. Take a walk of one and half hour kilometers across these peaceful foods and click pictures of some of the unique and beautiful species of the flora and fauna here. Make Sausalito, a small beautiful town your next destination. The town has many eating joints, art galleries and gift shops. Enjoy your favorite food with the world class wine and relax. Do not forget to buy gifts for your family members and friends as the town has the best souvenir collection.


Choose the Tour Wisely

The city is full of sights and every single spot is worth a visit. There are many tours available for its lovers like the San Francisco day tour, San Francisco group tour and many more. These tours make you visit all the attractions of the city. You can choose your tour as per your comfort levels. If you are running short of time, then San Francisco half day tour is also a good idea as it introduces you to all the famous destinations in just a few hours. Do some research before opting for any of it and make sure to check the routes they are running on.


As The Nightfall’s

Take some time out of your pocket and take a long walk across the Golden Gate Bridge at night. The beauty of the bridge is breathtaking and makes you skip your heartbeat. It will be the most memorable and wonderful experience of your life. Do carry your iPod and camera with you. The night makes this pretty city look more gorgeous. The night sky, lights and weather will make your holiday the best holiday ever. If possible, plan a night Tour because as the sun sets with the stars in the sky and twinkling lights all around the city, it will make you fall in love with its beauty again and again.


It’s Time to Have Some Food

San Francisco is one of the top cities of the United States which have world class restaurants. The city is famous for its best Mexican cuisine all over America. There are many restaurants concentrated at the Mission District, which serve the best Mexican Dishes. Chinatown has many renowned restaurants, exotic shops and it is well known for its Chinese food in the city. There are a number of European restaurants located in the surroundings of North Beach. They serve the best coffee and baked items to cheer you up and let you forget all your worries and tiredness. The air is filled with the essence of baked muffins, cakes and is enough to pamper your taste buds.


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