Deliveroo Launches Grocery Delivery, $500K Fund To Boost F&B Bizs

Catering was one of the hardest hit industries during Covid-19.

Restaurants have reported losing up to 80% of their revenue at the breaker level and storefronts are gradually emptying.

Today (September 28), food delivery service Deliveroo announced the launch of a S $ 500,000 booster fund designed to help restaurants, customers and nonprofit partners navigate Covid- 19.

Launch of a series of measures

Free deliveries

Deliveroo will invest S $ 350,000 in restaurants that use their own delivery fleet.

This means that customers can receive free deliveries from restaurants normally outside of their delivery radius by October 11.

Typically, customers pay between S $ 5 and S $ 10 for such deliveries, with a minimum order value of S $ 50. Free delivery will apply to orders from over 200 restaurants, such as Crystal Jade, The Daily Cut and Three Buns.

New grocery delivery service

Deliveroo will also invest over S $ 30,000 to launch its first-ever grocery delivery service, with Marks & Spencer on October 12.

The first 3,000 customers to shop on the platform can take advantage of a S $ 5 discount on their first two orders using a unique promo code.

Deliveroo kitchen
Deliveroo Editions / Image Credit: Vulcan Post

Free promotional codes

Additionally, participating restaurants on Deliveroo will also be offering S $ 3 off S $ 30 vouchers – starting today (September 28).

Promo codes will be posted weekly at select restaurants like A-One Claypot House, Soup Restaurant, and Eighteen Chefs.

In addition, Deliveroo will also sponsor up to 5,000 redeemable voucher worth S $ 15,000 for the first week of the campaign. Selected partner restaurants will offer up to $ 75,000 in vouchers until October 25.

Out of charity

In addition, they are also partnering with the Food from the Heart (FFTH) charity to encourage customers to take a picture of their clean plates or take out and upload it to social media.

For each message submitted, Deliveroo will pay FFTH $ 1, capped at $ 10,000.

Donations will go to FFTH’s School Goodie Bag program, which provides disadvantaged students and their families with better food rations and nutrition.

food for children singapore
Image Credit: GovInsider

Join Grab and Foodpanda to expand Covid-19 support

Competitors Foodpanda and Grab have also launched initiatives to help their F&B partners in recent months.

Last week, Grab announced the launch of Merchant Academy and GrabFood Bank to help its F&B partners go digital.

The initiatives support the Small Business Booster program and the GrabFood Capacity Development Pack, announced earlier this year.

The government has also released a food delivery package in conjunction with the “big three”: Deliveroo, Foodpanda and GrabFood to reduce costs of selling on all three platforms.

As the pandemic continues, it becomes increasingly clear that Singapore’s catering businesses will need a consistent response to survive the hardships of Covid-19.

These measures may need to be maintained for the local food culture to survive.

Featured Image Credit: Roo Community Singapore

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