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I’ve done a few paint by number (PBN) kits in the past, once I spent an entire Saturday finishing a 30x40cm last year. My first kit was a project shared with my sister that we never finished due to its large canvas size of 40x50cm – it just took too long.

Nonetheless, it’s a relaxing activity that I don’t mind doing from time to time… If not for the fact that each design looks the same, and can even become repetitive. I usually come across the same types of landscapes, the splashes of color of an abstract flamingo or cartoon characters.

Noticing this, Crystal, who founded The Paint Project, decided to turn things around in the market by selling customizable PBN kits.

Repaint a memory

After the AGC last year, she quit her job in search of a passion project. Her sister, Giselle, advised her to pursue an interest, hence the reason she started a business that makes her daily work fun.

Coupled with the idea of ​​bringing something unique to each client, the sisters were inspired to convert memories and portraits into canvases. Painting them would also enhance the feeling of customers who could relive a memory with every brushstroke.

Each kit comes with 24 colors / Image Credit: The Paint Project

To convert the photos to a bespoke PBN kit, customers must send their image to The Paint Project. With free online software like PBNfy, for example, his team can easily figure out the color palettes for each photo and turn them into outline paint maps.

It is then printed on a canvas at a parent’s printing plant, which also has a specific machine for mixing the colors of the paints to match the codes provided by the team. The whole creation process takes up to 2 weeks and is also highly dependent on order volume.

Size matters

As mentioned before, I never finished my first PBN kit; his card was too big and too overwhelming, which forced me to push it aside, letting the paint dry.

“The consistency of acrylic paints typically lasts up to a month before they start to dry. But since they’re water soluble, 1 to 2 drops of water usually moisten the reusable paints, ”Crystal advised to resolve the issue. This is also what she tells clients who are reluctant to embark on this hobby.

Additionally, the team also sells their canvases in sizes smaller than the market, recognizing that most would overlook their kit if it took too long to complete. “Most people work during the day and only have time to paint at night or on weekends, so the smaller canvas can be finished in less time,” she said.

Paint Project kits are available in 3 sizes:

  • 30x40cm for RM89;
  • 30x30cm for RM79;
  • 20x25cm for RM74.
The 3 different sizes offered / Image credit: The Paint Project

Compared to non-customizable PBN kits, the prices are higher. But The Paint Project isn’t alone in offering customizable PBN kits. MeTime Art Malaysia is another Malaysian startup that creates customizable ones alongside standard designs.

However, their customizable kits start at RM159 and can go up to RM179 if you want 36 colors above the 24 standard. Their canvas is also set at 40x50cm.

A work piece

Starting this business was a great success for the sisters, but it posed some challenges along the way as they had to manage everything themselves due to a lack of capital to outsource the aid.

All of their operations from customer service, production, packaging, marketing, accounting, design, logistics, etc. are carried out internally. “It’s really tiring, but yes, we enjoy every process with a passion,” said Crystal.

Since The Paint Project launched on March 8 this year, Crystal and Giselle have sold a total of 53 kits. Their goal is to sell a total of 2,500 kits by the end of this year.

In the future, they plan to open a studio where clients can paint their custom PBN projects with friends and family, giving Malaysians a different PBN experience.

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Featured Image Credit: The Paint Project

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