COVID an Unwelcome Companion for Spring Break 2021

Destination Analysts: “Coronavirus America Travel Update – Week of February 28e. “

The Miami Herald: “COVID adds more ‘chaos’ to South Beach spring break as tourists flee lockdowns, cold.”

Jessica Malaty Rivera, Scientific Communication Manager, COVID Tracking Project.

World Health Organization: “Timeline: WHO’s response to COVID-19”.

Nadeen White, MD, pediatrician and travel blogger, Atlanta.

CBS News: “CDC recommends ‘social distancing’ amid coronavirus outbreak.”

NPR: “CDC now recommends that Americans consider wearing sheet masks in public.”

BBC: “American Students Celebrate Spring Break Despite Coronavirus.”

Urban economics journal: “JUE Insight: University student travel contributed to the local spread of COVID-19.”

CDC: “COVID-19 outbreak among students after March break in Mexico – Austin, Texas, March 26-April 5, 2020.”

The Washington Post: “You asked: are spring break trips safe this year?”

Kelly O’Neal, Atlanta.

Michelle Ries, Raleigh, North Carolina.

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