Covid-19: Fully-vaccinated households can dine in groups of 5 from Nov 10, 2-pax social gathering remains

Here’s good news to end your Monday. With Singapore well into the stabilization phase and some Covid-19 measures having been relaxed. Even though we still register more than 3,000 cases per day, according to Minister Gan Kim Yong, the situation has stabilized to allow some relaxation of the measures.

“The ratio of week-to-week infections has fallen below one in the past few days, and it was 0.81 as of November 7. The number of cases in hospitals and the proportion of cases with severe illness also remained stable. ,” he said.

Safe management measures for businesses will also be refined to “better facilitate operations,” he said.

Families can now dine in groups of 5

Covid-19 families
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Starting Wednesday, November 10, fully vaccinated people from the same household can dine together in groups of up to five. However, this easing of restaurant meal restrictions will not apply to those from different households, it still remains a cap at two fully vaccinated people,

This further relaxation of restrictions also does not apply to hawking centers and cafes. Since these areas are unable to administer “comprehensive” vaccination checks, the task force said.

“We are ready to extend the same concession to hawking centers and cafes once they put additional controls in place.”

The National Environment Agency and Singapore Food Agency will engage hawker associations and cafe operators on this, and further updates will be provided when ready, the ministry said.

Yet social gatherings are still limited to a maximum of two people and should be limited to one per day, whether in another household or in a public place.

The ceiling for household visitors remains unchanged at two per day. This does not apply to grandchildren in the care of grandparents.

Other school activities will also resume, including in-person classes, group work and extracurricular activities, Gan said.

Music can now be played at F&B outlets

Another good news for F&B stores is that they will now be allowed to play “soft recorded music” from November 10.

However, live music and entertainment remains prohibited. It’s a small step, but I’m sure many F&B owners can appreciate in the age of covid-19.

Cinemas and live shows

To facilitate the reopening of Singapore, the capacity of cinemas, shows and MICE events will be increased.

Zones of up to 100 participants will be allowed; it was previously 50 participants. A 2 meter separation is down 3 meters.

For live performances and worship, there must be a distance of 2 meters between the artist and the audience.

Static performers are allowed in pairs, and there is no need to maintain social distancing within the group. Groups must always maintain a distance of 1 meter between them.

Sport and fitness classes

covid-19 gyms
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For all the gym rats and fitness class fanatics, there’s no need to claim seats now. For high intensity indoor lessons, the distance between groups is reduced to 2 meters compared to the previous 3 meters.

There is no mixing between the groups, and at least 2 meters must be maintained between the groups.

Singapore is working on reopening

While the number of COVID-19 cases in hospitals and intensive care remains high, it is stable – intensive care use “hovers around 70%,” the health ministry said.

As the situation stabilizes, we are now in a better position to relax some of our safe management measures without overburdening our health care system. “

That’s why differentiated immunization measures will continue to be a key part of Singapore’s reopening strategy, said Gan, who is one of the three co-chairs of the multi-ministerial pandemic task force. . As more and more VTLs are opening up, it seems that a covid-19 reality is possible after all.

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