Coronavirus and Apartments: What’s the Risk?

Deborah Thrope, Deputy Director, National Housing Law Project.

Amesh Adalja, MD, infectious disease specialist, Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security.

Linsey Marr, PhD, professor of civil and environmental engineering, Virginia Tech.

Joseph Allen, DSc, Assistant Professor, Director of Healthy Buildings Program, Harvard University.

The Harvard Gazette: “Is air conditioning helping to spread COVID in the South?”

CBS Austin: “As COVID-19 rises in the south, researchers are looking to see if air conditioning can transmit the virus.”

NBC News: “Does air conditioning spread COVID-19?”

ABC News: “Air conditioning units could spread COVID-19 in Florida, according to Harvard epidemiologist.”

United States today: “Most air conditioning systems do not protect against the coronavirus. In some cases, they can actually facilitate the spread. “

The Times Picayune: “Does air conditioning help spread the coronavirus?” In the southern states, being indoors can be a factor. “

The Chronicle of Houston: “Texans have a love affair with air conditioning. But what if turning it off could slow COVID-19? “

NPR: “Can air conditioners spread COVID-19?”

Healthy buildings.

CNN: “How can the coronavirus spread through bathroom pipes?” Experts are investigating in Hong Kong. “

Annals of Internal Medicine: “Probable evidence of fecal aerosol transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in a high-rise building.”

The New York Times: “How the coronavirus infected some, but not all, in a restaurant”, “The scientist, the air and the virus”, “Airborne coronavirus: what you should do now”, “On board the Diamond Princess, a aerosol transmission case study. “

The Cut: “How America’s Leading Aerosol Expert Does It.”

The Journal of the American Medical Association: “Airborne spread of SARS-CoV-2 and the potential role of air disinfection.” “Advice for shared or collective housing”. “Air purifiers, HVAC filters and coronavirus (COVID-19)”.

Association of home appliance manufacturers.

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Wired: “Could a Janky Jury-Ridden Air Purifier Help Fight Covid-19?”

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University of Minnesota: “Even more data supports COVID-19 aerosol transmission.”

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