Clubhouse Launches First Accelerator Programme For Content Creators

One of the questions I often notice around Clubhouse is how the app plans to monetize and how creators can monetize directly on it as well, especially after a year of operation. Now we have our first response.

Clubhouse announced its first designer acceleration program which aims to support creators on their app with the resources they need, grow their audience, connect with brands and monetize their work.

There will be stiff competition (only 20 creators will be accepted) and a tighter deadline (March 31, 2021). For those who are interested, you can apply here.

Anyone from around the world is eligible to apply, as long as you have the app and understand how to use it, of course.

Even if you are a creator with a small audience, you can apply as Clubhouse states that they are interested in creators every step of the way. The tricky part is that applicants have virtually no idea what Clubhouse is really looking for in this program.

The idea to develop more Clubhouse content creators came after noticing new shows and formats that had appeared in the app, like the Good Time show where hosts interview interesting people in the culture, News News News where they cover daily headlines around the world in 5 minutes, and The Lullaby Club where artists sing to sleep.

Sponsorship or guarantee of 5,000 USD per month for 3 months

Since this accelerator is meant to get 20 creator shows off the ground, you’ll need to think about which one you plan to host on Clubhouse, which you’ll be asked to share in your submission.

These shows can be of any genre like business, comedy, culture, politics, spirituality, health and wellness, technology, etc.

If you’re lucky enough to be accepted into the program, Clubhouse will try to match you with a brand sponsor and help you grow your show as well, according to TechCrunch.

However, if you are unsuccessful in being matched with a Brand Sponsor, Clubhouse promises a base income of $ 5,000 per month for the 3 months that you are involved in the program.

You are also allowed to have co-hosts apply with you, but that $ 5,000 income will be split among all of you, as Clubhouse pays per show and not per membership. The goal of this financial support is basically to help turn your idea into a profitable creative venture.

As for how convenient Clubhouse would be with your show, they would be:

  • Provide you with equipment such as iPhones, AirPods or an iRig if you need it (you can anticipate Android equipment once the app arrives on Androids);
  • Help you with the concept and creative development;
  • Match you with the guests and talents for your shows and events.

On top of that, you may also receive help like post-show analytics, booking guests for your show, polls or audience comments, etc.

Clubhouse will also help you build awareness of your brand through:

  • Design of services for your creative assets;
  • Promote your show inside and outside the Clubhouse;
  • Help you build your audience.

Their support even extends to helping you find a babysitter, if your job requires you to be away from your dependents for a period of time.

Launch plans to help creators monetize

Although limited, this first acceleration program will be of great benefit to many designers, as brands have already contacted Clubhouse to ask for opportunities to get involved.

The company itself is already valued at RM 4.11 billion, according to The Star, after closing a US $ 100 million Series B round in January. In total, the app has more than 180 investors.

Its founders wrote in a blog post on January 24, 2021 that they intended to use some of the new funding to roll out a Creator Grants program, for which applications are currently open.

In the same post, they shared their future plans to help their creators monetize: “Over the next few months, we plan to run our first tests to allow creators to be paid directly, through features like tips, tickets or subscriptions. “

As applications for the program’s raffle draw close, it would be great to see at least one Malaysian designer step onto the big stage from here.

  • You can read more about the Clubhouse announcement here and access the app here.
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