CIMB Announces E Credit Card For Online Shoppers

The pandemic has seen many Malaysians adopt a more digital lifestyle and the CIMB hopes to improve the digital / contactless shopping experience for customers with their new “e Credit Card”.

A collaborative effort between CIMB Bank Bhd and Visa, the electronic credit card offers a tailored credit card experience that maximizes the value of all online purchases, electronic wallet, automatic billing and contactless in-store spending for customers.

In an official statement published by the CIMB Group, Samir Gupta, CEO of the group’s consumer banking services, believes that the electronic credit card “will play an essential role in meeting the daily needs of customers by offering greater ease and added value to their digital lifestyles. “

Part of this extra value is to offer special benefits and bonuses to 14 featured partners (with more to add in the future) and an “eDay” on the 10th of each month where customers can get 12X bonus points on expenses for selected partners such as Shopee, Lazada, Taobao, Watsons Online and more.

What is the CIMB e credit card?

  1. It is a credit card designed for customers who favor a digital lifestyle in the COVID-19 environment with added value for online shopping and contactless transactions.
  2. The credit card allows customers to maximize the value of their online spending, electronic wallet, automatic and contactless billing in store with up to 12X bonus points for each transaction without minimum expenses.
  3. From online shopping to food delivery, electronic wallet transactions and even store purchases, the CIMB e credit card is able to cover all aspects of the daily spending behavior of the digital consumer while maximizing the value of his daily purchases.

What are the advantages and characteristics of the CIMB e credit card?

  • 12X bonus points on the 10th of each month when you shop with featured partners such as Shopee, Lazada, Taobao, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, REVO, The Body Shop, Setel, Happy Fresh, Foodpanda, Domino’s Pizza, Biji-Biji , Dyson, Sasa and Watsons Online.
  • 10X bonus points on the 10th of each month when you make purchases with partners not mentioned for all electronic wallet, automatic billing and contactless online transactions worldwide.
  • 5X bonus points on days other than the 10th of each month on daily spending for e-wallet, online and automatic billing transactions.
  • 1X bonus points for contactless in-store purchases and other transactions.
  • Exclusive offers for partners selected on the 10th of each month with offers as low as RM1.
  • In addition to this, the CIMB e credit card offers additional benefits such as the possibility of exchanging CIMB bonus points and giving them to various non-governmental organizations (“NGOs”) and to COVID-19 support funds.

Is the CIMB e credit card for you?

Obviously, CIMB’s electronic credit card is designed for customers who like contactless payments and who shop online for all of their daily needs, which, given the situation, is probably everyone. The bottom line is, if you’re looking for a credit card that rewards you for going digital / contactless with your daily expenses, then the CIMB e credit card may be worth checking.

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