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ZCOVA’s founders, Low Ziwei and Low Ziyin, started with a laser focus on disrupting the diamond industry.

They have innovated touches such as 360 ° diamond viewing videos, personalized virtual consultations, virtual trials using augmented reality, and even brought in a double diamond certification.

The end goal has always been to ensure transparency and reliability, which allows their customers to do informed purchasing decisions and have a positive shopping experience.

Along the way, they noticed that their customers regularly expressed their dissatisfaction with another industry: the purchase of gems. The problems? Lack of choice, designs, authentication and education.

All of these seemed very familiar to ZCOVA – in fact, these were some of the very problems they worked to solve in the diamond industry.

They have seen their share of success; over the years the team told us they’ve helped their clients save money about RM 10 million while buying diamonds.

This was done using ZCOVA technology which allows customers to avoid unnecessary additional fees and browse diamonds online without being influenced by the opinions of sellers. They are now applying the same principles and expertise to gemstones.

A market ready to be disrupted

The ZCOVA team describes the gemstone market as “fragmented”. Because of this, the technology needed to classify gemstones was not available, even though there was a demand for it.

With the introduction of this technology, ZCOVA was able to launch its own virtual gemstone inventory, where users can browse a selection of 100,000 certified gemstones from around the world. 100,000 gemstones is a lotSo, ZCOVA has divided the categories into different types, shapes, colors, carats, clarity, origin and more.

If you’ve seen ZCOVA’s diamond listings, this format may sound familiar.

The lists come with Videos enlarged to 360 ° 10x and while taking a closer look at the gems, you can compare the prices easily.

By looking at an emerald in 360 ° magnified view, you can see its shine and spot flaws and inclusions that you normally can’t see clearly with the naked eye. This way you can be absolutely sure of what you are buying.

Each gemstone sold in ZCOVA will also be certified under ICL certificates.

The more you know: Unlike diamonds which have a universally recognized ranking system thanks to the GIA, colored gemstones are currently lacking. Instead, the International Laboratory for Colored Gemstones (ICL) has established its own proprietary grading system.

However, for the gemstone market, ZCOVA recommends having gemstones certified in more than one lab so that customers can confidently know the origin and specifications of their gemstone.

They provide an additional service to further certify gemstones in 2 separate labs, LOTUS and GRS, if customers want to further grade their gemstone.

A LOTUS Gemology certificate with a 1.39 carat emerald

ZCOVA places a lot of emphasis on certifying the origin of gemstones, as each origin may have slight differences in its hue and saturation which will ultimately affect its value.

It is important to them that customers are informed and aware of these differences, so that they can make the best decisions when choosing a gemstone.

After choosing a gemstone, customers can access more of ZCOVA’s services, including consultations from impartial gemologists, in-house jewelry designers, 3D printing technology, and experienced craftsmanship.

3D printing technology has proven to be a key differentiator for ZCOVA’s diamond sales in Malaysia and Singapore.

As a result, the team was able to print precisely the designs that customers wanted for them to try on and view in person. This way, customers can see the diamond cut on their fingers, get the right size, and see their designs before confirming.

Image Credit: ZCOVA

“Customers told us it was much better than going to a store because normally you can only see the final ring after 2 months and it is already set in gold. At ZCOVA, once a 3D print is requested by a customer, it will take 3-7 days for the design to be rendered and an additional 2 days for printing, ”the team said.

The right technology at the right time

“Consumers can now enjoy variety and transparency never before seen in Asia,” the team said in a press release regarding the launch of their virtual gemstone inventory.

These are bold words, but if their efforts in the diamond industry so far are the yardstick, ZCOVA seems to have the clout to keep its focus and bring the gemstone industry here to a whole new level.

With the ongoing pandemic limiting visits to physical stores, a large, easy-to-browse virtual gemstone collection could be exactly what consumers are looking for. ZCOVA has already seen a growing number on its diamond front. “In the past 9 months, even with the pandemic, our number of customers has more than doubled,” they said.

It’s not hard to imagine how their gemstone sales could follow a similar path.

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