Celebrate National Mac & Cheese Day This Week at Noodles & Co!

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There is no denying that macaroni and cheese can soothe the soul. If it’s one of your favorite comfort foods (it’s certainly one of mine), there is something really great to look forward to this month, my friends. Put July 14th on your calendar, because it’s officially Mac & Cheese National Day! And to help all of us celebrate, Noodles & Company, the world famous macaroni and cheese experts, offer free macaroni and cheese! It is true. They are making National Macaroni and Cheese Day a four-day celebration from July 14 to 17. I’m sure we all need it right now.

Here’s how it works:

On July 14, customers will receive a small Wisconsin macaroni free with the purchase of a regular-sized appetizer. Then, from July 15 to 17, if you buy a regular entry and you will receive a Noodles reward for a small specialty Mac free to use on your next visit. Rather sweet! Each day of the celebration, the noodles will reward a small Mac of different specialty. Here is the schedule:

July 14th: Get a free small Mac and Wisconsin cheese with the purchase of a regular-sized appetizer.

July 15th: Win a BBQ Pork Mac & Cheese award.

July 16: Earn a Macaroni Chicken and Chicken Buffalo award.

July 17: Win a Ham & Gruyère Mac & Cheese award.

If you like to try new things, the brand new ham and Swiss cheese from Noodles & Co. The Mac & Cheese dish will be launched on July 17. With apple wood smoked ham, creamy Gruyère cheese, thinly sliced ​​green onions and toasted breadcrumbs, we can’t wait to try this delicious dish. Yep, for a new macaroni and cheese!

To get your free little Mac, you’ll need to sign up for a Noodles Rewards account online or on their app. You can find the links for that below.

Noodles & Company Buffalo Mac & Cheese with a side of meatballs

Why we love macaroni and cheese from Noodles & Company

Personalization is one of my favorite things when ordering from Noodles & Company and there is a mac & cheese option for just about everyone. Stay classic and try their delicious delicious world famous Macaroni with Wisconsin cheese, or choose one of their delicious specialty dishes like Macaroni with Buffalo Cheese, with Parmesan Chicken, Frank’s RedHot® Buffalo Wings Sauce, Parmesan and Green Onions or their BBQ Pork Macaroni with tender pork and slowly braised, crispy jalapeños and a tangy barbecue sauce. Have an idea of ​​your ultimate personal macaroni and cheese flavor? Then, simply personalize yours with one of their proteins, sauces and supplements.

Noodles & Company custom cheese macaroni with sautéed shrimp, crispy jalapeños and sriracha

We created a Mac & Cheese with spicy shrimps and personalized it with fried jalapenos, green onion and a sriracha fillet. Totally delicious!

They even have noodles that can work with most lifestyles. Gluten-free noodles, zucchini noodles and their vegetable-infused cauliflower (we can all use more vegetables) can be substituted for any of their dishes. We love their zucchini and truffle cheese macaroni. Made with their famous cheese sauce, black truffle, roasted mushrooms, parmesan and a pinch of toasted breadcrumbs, this is the perfect dish if you are staying low in carbohydrates. But, you must act quickly, because today is the last day the Macaroni with Courgette Cheeses will be on the menu.

MAC Cheese + Low Carbohydrate Zucchini Truffles from Noodles and Company

For an extra protein punch on any of your macaroni and cheese, there are many options like grilled chicken, parmesan crust chicken, oven roasted meatballs, naturally raised pork, marinated steak , sautéed shrimp or seasoned tofu.

Even if you try to stay safe and don’t get out of the house a lot these days, there is no reason why you can’t have fun. Noodles & Company has implemented a variety of security measures in their restaurants to ensure the safety of their customers and staff. There is always an option to pick up food quickly in store, but you can also choose to use their contactless street curb pickup or a free delivery service offered at specific participating locations. Ordering is super easy via their website and on their app.

Screenshot of the Noodles and Company app

Here’s how to rate your Mac and free cheese

To get your free Mac & Cheese, be sure to join the Noodles & Company Noodles Rewards Program before you go to Noodles & Company on National Mac & Cheese Day! Once a member, you will be rewarded with a small specialty mac free with the purchase of a regular size entry.

To join, you can register here, or for even more convenience and gifts, we suggest download their application as well.

With the Noodles & Company Rewards app, you can:

  • Win prizes!
  • Use the reward points for free stuff like drinks, items to share, entrees, side dishes and desserts
  • Order your food in front of the line for removal, curb without curb or delivery
  • Save your favorite orders for even faster future orders
  • Keep track of your reward points
  • Find local restaurants

Just search for your special offers in the Noodles Rewards app or when you log into your online account.

You can be sure that I will celebrate this year from the comfort of my cozy bed. Explanation? We are in 2020.

in bed eating macaroni and cheese from Noodles and Company

Don’t forget to join the Noodles rewards program!


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