Best Historical Destinations for Travellers to Enjoy Exploring In the World

Best Historical Destinations for Travellers to Enjoy Exploring In the World

Best Historical DestinationsIf you are looking for the world’s best historic destinations to make a visit, then you can find here information about the popular historical spots across the world. Right from great walls to castles to pyramid, you can explore the best leading destinations that everyone should never miss to visit.



Egypt, being a popular culturally rich country and one of the very ancient tourist destinations in the world, receives great flock of visitors from different parts of world especially from Rome and Greece. Moreover, the site which is more synonymous with the figure of Egypt is the Sphinx at Gaza and the great pyramid. The other must see spots include Abu simbel, the valley of the kings, Saqqara, the Egyptian museum and Karnak, all these places will definitely make the travellers to feel like stepping into the lands of antique Egypt.


RomeRome is one of the eternal cities locating some of the most iconic and exhilarating architecture across the world. Structures of ancient roman, renaissance, medieval and baroque buildings are to be visited at almost all turns. However, any visit to Rome will be incomplete without stepping into the coliseum, the pantheon, the roman forum, the arch of Constantine, the circus maximus, the Fontana di trevi and many other historic pizzas all throughout the city.


PetraPetra’s ancient Nabataean capital was built around 100 BC and it was a site where routes of several ancient trade converged thus making its dwellers very wealthy. Few of the major attractions include the monastery and the theatre, but the most popular is the Al Khazneh, which is commonly referred as Treasury, the usage of which was a mystery till a recent excavation revealed that the Khazneh is truly a tomb, potentially of the royal family.

Taj mahal:

Taj Mahal, being the most stunning structures across the world, is the must see spot in India. The story of its construction is simply beautiful. Taj mahal was built during 1632 and 1653 by Shah Jahan to pay tribute to his wife Mumtaz. The structure was a work of twenty thousand employees and it was made with marbles and inlayed using twenty-eight different kinds of precious, semi-precious stones brought from India and Asia.

The Parthenon:

The ParthenonThe Parthenon is a gracefully crafted symbol, which is not only of prehistoric Greece, but also driven by the roots of democracy. The present building was constructed by Pericles during the period of mid fifth century as a temple of Doric to the goddess Athena and also as a mean of treasury for Delian league. Most of the sculptures are considered to as the marbles, which have now been removed and presently reside in the British museum.

Machu picchu:

Machu picchuMachu picchu, popularly called as the lost city of Incas, is the very attractive remainder of Incan empire. The site was built during 1462 AD and left abandoned for hundred years later that prevented it from the destruction and plunder by the hands of Spanish conquistadors as they were unaware of its location.

European castles:

European castlesAll throughout Europe, thousands of Baroque and Medieval castles can be found which conjure up the appearances of fairytale princess as well as the chivalrous knights. It was not only built as guarded fortress but also popular abodes of feudal kings and lords which showed their status and wealth. Few of the attractive examples include palace of Versailles in France, Neuschwanstein castle in Germany, Portugal’s Sintra palace, Ireland’s blarney castle, etc.

Angkor wat:

Angkor watAngkor wat is a popular temple located in Cambodia. It is a famous spot in Cambodia which is always flooded with tourists and breathtaking to see. Angkor Wat is ideal in a way that it the only temple which is oriented towards west.

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