Benefits of Internship while building your career

Benefits of Internship while building your career

Internship can be said to be the place which works as a platform for getting employment after the education. While the students are still studying at the university they can get the glimpse of how life of employment would be. Internship can be both paid and unpaid. It depends upon the organization in which the student has enrolled for internship.

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The duration of the internship can be one week to as long as a year. Industry placements are a norm in certain cases. For example, education, nursing, and medicine are certain fields where industry placements happen. These placements are usually facilitated by the university itself. For the other fields including engineering, business, or arts, there may or may not be university facilitated placements. There are numerous benefits of participating in an internship program. Some of them are listed below.

1) Gives you a great chance to make contacts in the industry

Being knowledgeable and expert in your field is extremely important to succeed. However, you can hear this from the most successful people in any industry. Besides knowing the things related to your field, you also have to know people related to it. The role of knowledge and expertise in any field cannot be discounted. However, contacts can help you find the job and also succeed in your job.

When you are in the university, there is hardly any chance to build contacts. However, once you start internship you exposed to a number of people and opportunities. It helps you build new contacts, which is not possible while being in the university.

During the internship program you will work in close proximity with the professionals and experts. You will just need to be a little conscious and mindful. This will help you get the contacts of your choice.

If your performance during the internship is top-notch, you may even find the permanent position in the company after studies. But if that doesn’t materialize, you will still end up with lots of references.

2) Great addition to your résumé

It is a known fact that the experienced people are preferred at various jobs. Even a little bit of experience can go a long way in finding a great job. After your internship, you will have the actual experience of the industry. It will be an incredible add-on to your résumé.

The competition is pretty tough outside. If you have the right skills and expertise you have higher chances of finding the right job. But if you have a fine resume, your chances increase manifolds. A good experience during internship will make you stand apart from the rest.

It is best to opt for as many internship programs as possible during the studies. Your resume can speak volumes about your learning trajectory. If you will participate in many internship programs, it will send a clear message to the employers that you are very keen to get employment in the particular industry. This message will be reflective on your dedication and commitment to the industry. It will play a vital role during the job hunt.

3) It helps translate knowledge into experience

Having the on-paper knowledge of something is something. However, having the hands-on experience of the knowledge is something different altogether. You might have heard stories about interns being used by the employers as their errand guys. But that is not the only thing you need to remember.

Internships entail so much more than what meets the eye. Only when you are inside it you will know that. Not only will you see the professionals at work, you will do the work yourself. The knowledge that you gained during the studies will get translated into experience; the experience that can prove very useful during your job search.

You will be entrusted with many responsibilities. By doing the practical work you will learn how things actually operate. You will also learn how to work as a team. This could prove to be very handy in your job. Internship will allow you to apply your knowledge.

4) Helps you identify your career trajectory

Internships are a lot about gaining the industry experience. But they are not just about that. They are also about identifying whether you are suitable for a particular industry or the industry is for you or not.

By participating in the internship program you will get the on-field knowledge. What may seem extremely promising in the books may not be as promising for the career path you may have thought about. It will help you determine whether you need to stick to the industry or choose a new career trajectory.

If the internship program helps you figure out that the particular industry is not for you, even then your time will not be wasted. Every experience counts. Any stint can be added to your resume.

5) The experience of life


There are many things you can learn during the internship that can shape up your future. Internship can help you mould yourself as an individual. You may acquire many universal values that can carve your character. These universal values are independent of any industry. They help the individual in any field.

For example, you may learn the time management skills during internship. No matter the industry you choose later on, this skill will always help you. In the same way, you can learn many other values that will help you in your future endeavours. This is why internship is such an important aspect of higher education.

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