Beauty Products Using Kalalit Water From Mount Kinabalu

Author’s presentation text: Having flawless skin is a goal for many. I have personally tried long 10 step skin care routines and even reduced them to a simple cleanser and moisturizer when the first one didn’t work.. So far, I still haven’t found the right products that work for me.

Aerin Gabor was visiting her grandparents Kadazan-Dusun who live in the foothills of Mount Kinabalu.

There, she noticed that her elderly grandmother, aunts and mother had fair, flawless skin.

This made her curious about their skin care regimens.

Aerin herself has struggled to get rid of adult acne and redness by trying too many scented beauty products.

Relatives told him that the secret lies in a Kalalit tree, which is native to the Southeast Asian region.

“Old wives’ accounts of Kadazan-Dusun elders believe that a few splashes of Kalalit water on the face were the revitalizing touch that helped their complexion appear flawless,” she says.

So she tried to apply the Kalalit water to her face every day. To her surprise, her multi-problem skin improved after a week.

Back in Kuala Lumpur after this trip, she shared her new discovery with her friends who were fascinated by her skin.

“This is how I founded OLUMES, with a mission to help anyone with multiple skin issues solve them with a clean skincare formulation that works,” she said.

Combine passion and education

“In today’s market, we’re bombarded with thousands of products that can only tackle one skin problem at a time,” she said.

“For example, moisturizers that target fine lines, but may not work for acne and bumpy skin.”

Understanding the fast-paced city lifestyle, Aerin wanted to create products that could solve multiple skin problems at once.

Indeed, not many people have the time to apply a 10-step skincare routine to their face day and night.

(Left) Aerin, (Right) Refining Lotion and Satin Cream are the brand’s only 2 products currently / Image credit: OLUMES

She brought this passion to the UK, to pursue an advanced degree in organic cosmetic science.

There she learned about what goes on in the manufacture of beauty products and its importance.

Combining her education with the belief that solving beauty-related problems was a matter of nature, she decided to mix Kalalit water into creams and lotions.

“It’s like having Borneo in a bottle!” she rang.

Pricing of a natural resource

Aerin partners with a local lab to extract Kalalit water from sappan wood.

She further explained that OLUMES contains other ingredients like plant phytosterols, ceramides, plant stem cells and plant extracts, to name a few.

These ingredients don’t come cheap. The price for OLUMES varies from RM80 to RM300 per product.

This form of branding where a natural resource like Kalalit water is packaged in a bottle reminded me of Avène.

It is a brand that is marketed by bottling natural thermal water extracted in France.

Avène products range from RM40 to RM200, a much cheaper alternative to OLUMES.

So it made me curious how Aerin had managed to convince their customers that Kalalit water would work for them at such a price.

Kalalit water is extracted from sappan wood / Image credit: OLUMES

On the one hand, she shared that she relied on word of mouth to sell the products.

“I believe products that work great will speak for themselves and eventually find their owner,” she says.

The OLUMES team also educates its customers on the ingredients they use to forge close relationships with them.

This form of relationship marketing tends to be useful when it comes to building customer loyalty.

Nowadays, many customers are more open to trying locally made products on a smaller scale than buying from big brands.

This tends to be the result of local brands’ engagement with their customers on their social media.

OLUMES word of mouth marketing has already spread to Singapore, in addition to shipments to the Malaysian coast.

With this kind of growth, Aerin and his team plan to conquer the Southeast Asian market within 10 years.

“At the same time, slowly introduce it internationally in Europe and the United States. I am delighted and very proud to share my rich heritage of Kadazan-Dusun with the world, ”Aerin said.

Conclusion: Malaysia is rich in raw materials and now with OLMUES using water from Kalalit, a natural extract from Sabah, it would be inspiring to see more of a niche product shared with the world if the brand succeeds in growing in the world. global scale.

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Featured Image Credit: Aerin Gabor, Founder of OLUMES

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