Bakerzin Calls It Quits After 22 Years

Founded in 1998, Bakerzin describes itself as “one of Singapore’s most beloved artisanal dessert cafes”.

The Business Times reported today (October 9) that it has closed its five outlets across the island, marking its release in Singapore.

According to BT, he asked Gardens By The Bay to prematurely cease its outing activities there, although his lease was to last until mid-2021.

Bakerzin has not published a statement about the closure on its Facebook page (its last post was on September 30) and its website is no longer operational.

Earlier this Monday (October 5), Bakerzin also issued a notice of a creditors meeting for liquidation.

Bakerzin used to rake in $ 14 million in annual revenue

Bakerzin was founded by award-winning pastry chef Daniel Tay, who currently owns the Cat & The Fiddle cheesecake store, as well as the traditional Old Seng Choong pastry and cake store.

It was formerly known as Baker’s Inn before it was renamed Bakerzin in 2004.

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It started as a pastry shop that aims to fill a gap in the market. Back then, good desserts were only served in hotels, so Tay wanted to create an F&B brand that serves good, yet affordable, desserts.

In a previous interview with Vulcan Post, Tay said the business is performing very well and the company’s annual revenue is around S $ 13-14 million.

However, rising rents began to eat away at profits and sales were no longer large enough to cover rentals.

He ended up selling Bakerzin in 2007, but managed it until the end of 2013.

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