Are Malaysians Happy With Their Salaries?

We asked you to tell us about your earnings and job satisfaction, and we’re glad that 1,024 of our readers took the time to share their answers with us.

We’ve seen that many of you say you’re happy with your current salary, but still don’t think you’re being paid the market rate.

The average wage increase in Malaysia last year was reported to have been between more than 3% and 4.4% despite difficult economic conditions due to the pandemic. However, some industries have seen wages rise while others hit by shutdowns and travel restrictions have faced layoffs and pay cuts.

Thus, Malaysians are expected to have mixed reactions as to how much they earn in the past two years during the pandemic.

However, it is natural for most people to think that earning more money will make them happy, but studies have shown that above a certain number money does not bring happiness. This magic number of “happiness wages” is between 60,000 USD and 95,000 USD (251,460 RM to 398,145 RM).

Here’s what Malaysians in income categories T20 to B40 told us about how they feel about their income.

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