Apple Partners HPB To Launch App That Incentivises Users To Be Healthy

At an Apple event yesterday (September 15), Apple CEO Tim Cook said Singapore would be the first country to take advantage of the capabilities of the Apple Watch by offering incentives for people to use it for to stay healthy.

The tech giant and the Health Promotion Board (HPB) are jointly developing a new free app exclusive to Apple Watches.

Called LumiHealth, it will set reminders for users to go for health checkups or vaccinations. The app also helps users set fitness and healthy eating goals by drawing behavioral information from their habits.

How to earn S $ 380 in electronic vouchers

LumiHealth gamifies fitness goals. NPCs will guide users through worlds and tasks, which include personalized weekly activity goals based on your age, gender, and height.

Users can also participate in wellness challenges to improve their sleeping and eating habits.

Those who complete the tasks and challenges during HPB’s two-year LumiHealth program are eligible to earn S $ 380 in e-vouchers. They are redeemable at stores like FairPrice, Sheng Siong and Tangs.

LumiHealth will launch at the end of October and will be available to Singapore residents over 17 with a SingPass account.

The app can be used on iPhones running iOS 13 or later and on Apple Watches with at least watchOS 6.

The health data and information gathered by the new app will shape future health initiatives in Singapore, but sharing of health data will require user consent.

The collection of personally identifiable data is minimized and will be used only to administer the program, for example by using e-mail addresses to assign the correct recipients.

Tech giants race to deploy MedTech solutions

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, tech giants have been rushing to deploy medical technology in collaboration with local governments.

For example, Apple’s latest Apple Watch Series 6 allows users to measure their blood oxygen levels, take an ECG to measure heart rate, and track their fitness measurements on the monitor’s screen. the retina.

In April, Apple and Google also announced a partnership on contact tracing technology.

In an official statement on the Apple website, the two companies announced the release of APIs in May that allowed interoperability between Android and iOS devices.

Apple and Google are also working on a Bluetooth-based contact search platform.

For HPB, it has already released the Healthy 365 app, and Fitbit is offering free watches to Singaporeans who sign up for Live Healthy SG.

These initiatives are part of HPB’s drive to deploy technologies that promote healthier lifestyles among Singaporeans.

Featured Image Credit: Sky News / Apple

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