Apple Is Selling Wheels and Feet For the Mac Pro, But They’ll Cost

Apple Is Selling Wheels and Feet For the Mac Pro, But They’ll Cost

The Apple Mac Pro is one of the most powerful tower computers in the world. It can now be transported to different places around a workplace with a series of mobility wheels. A user can also install feet to the bottom to keep the Mac Pro in its place. These official Apple accessories allow the user to affix wheels to the bottom of the Mac Pro, thus making it mobile. But the new additions will be expensive, especially since they are the only products guaranteed to work for the company.

Apple Is Selling Wheels and Feet For the Mac Pro
Apple Is Selling Wheels and Feet For the Mac Pro

How These Features Work

The two new attachments will be available for the 2019 Mac Pro model. The wheels feature stainless steel bodies and come with soft rubber. The wheels are designed to keep from skidding and causing marks on a floor. The steel look also matches up with the rest of the Mac Pro’s body.

The feet attachments are also made with stainless steel. The feet will go on the bottom part of the Mac Pro and will be secured through hex bolts.

The wheels are useful for those who want something that can move in different spaces in the workplace. But the feet may also be useful for people who want to ensure their Mac Pro units can stay in the same spot. The user can determine the proper item one needs based on how someone uses the Mac Pro and if the device needs to be moved in many places.

Physical Points

The wheels and feet will support the Mac Pro’s heavy body. The Mac Pro itself is close to forty pounds in weight. The attachments should add about an inch of height to the Mac Pro, which itself is already about 21 inches tall or 8.67 inches when in its rack form.

The wheels and feet kits will both come with a quarter-inch to 4mm hex. Apple says that additional tools may be necessary for the proper installation.

How Expensive?

The new attachments are among the most expensive items that people can buy for the Mac Pro right now. The wheel kit for the Mac Pro will cost $699. The feet kit will go for $299.

The total prices are a fraction of the approximately $6,000 people would spend on the Mac Pro. Those who do want to buy the wheels and feet for their Mac Pro models should be prepared to spend more for these features if they wish to make their devices more functional or useful.

The total value of the feet and wheels is close to the same as the value for the Pro Stand for the Mac Pro. The stand costs $999 and focuses on adjusting the base display and layout of the Mac Pro Display XDR unit.

The new Mac Pro features are available on Apple’s website. Apple recommends that people use the official Apple products that the company sells, as they are guaranteed to work based on the instructions for how someone is to handle the Mac Pro or other item.

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