An overview of Cryptocurrencies that are profitable to mine in 2021

Cryptocurrency mining is considered one of the most profitable businesses of the modern age. Bitcoin is the most fascinating virtual currency that has been around for 10 years. Bitcoin mining is the most popular mining cryptocurrency, with over 1,000,000 individuals mining for bitcoins. It is important to know for crypto enthusiasts that not all virtual currencies are profitable to mine. Before we move on to cryptocurrency mining. it would be wise to only consider cryptocurrencies that have income potential.

The history of digital currency mining begins with the emergence of bitcoin. Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency that was mined in 2009. The concept of crypto-mining was launched after the success of bitcoin. Since then, many investors have started to show interest in investing funds in crypto mining.

Blockchain technology is the main key player in the success of cryptocurrencies because it allows secure blocks of information to be stored in a blockchain by solving complex mathematical equations. This article would give you an overview of profitable cryptocurrencies to mine.

Main costs associated with mining cryptocurrency

The world of crypto mining is greatly affected by the cost of electricity. In countries where electricity is cheap like Ukraine, it would cost less to operate virtual currency than in countries where electricity is expensive like Australia. It is the only cost associated with crypto mining that can be calculated accurately.

The second largest cost associated with crypto mining includes the cost of maintaining the mining farm, cooling facilities, and infrastructure costs. The cost of maintenance depends on various factors such as the design, location and size of the facility.

The cost of purchasing hardware is also one of the direct costs associated with mining digital currencies. The selling price of mining equipment does not stay the same as it varies over time due to the increased rate of change in the industry. The new mining hardware might have improved the hash rate, but the renewal costs make it much more expensive and therefore there would be very few miners who would actually upgrade to the latest version of the hardware right after release.

There are many cryptocurrencies that have the potential to earn the miner a huge return. Some of these digital currencies are mentioned below.

ZCash (ZEC)

Zcash is a virtual currency that was launched in 2016. Zcash is one of the best known and most relevant cryptocurrencies when it comes to privacy, as the use of cryptography to provide maximum privacy is achieved. Many crypto users consider Zcash to be a much more improved and refined cryptocurrency while comparing privacy with bitcoin. Another fact is that it is based on a bitcoin code base, and the use of mining graphics cards is possible due to its unique mining algorithm. ZCash’s coin supply is the same as bitcoin’s, 21 million.

Classic Ethereum

In 2016, when the Ethereum network faced DAO attack, the network was split into two parts and the original is Ethereum classic, which is a blockchain-based computing platform, it supports a refined version. of the Nakamoto consensus. The most mining reward in 2020, when the block is reduced to 3.2 ETC.

Although there are two aspects related to Ethereum classic that should be taken into account before moving forward. First, it opposes Ethereum and second, it’s a bit confusing for new users, but the best part is that its mining hardware hashrate of 400.00 MH / s


Litecoin is an open-source software project and a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency. It was launched in 2011, just after two years of Bitcoin’s existence, Litecoin was among the first altcoins.

Litecoin is one of the most popular virtual currencies in the industry and enjoys a good reputation in the crypto trading market. It has high demand and strong functionality. Scypt protocol and GPU are used in mining Litecoin.


There are over 4000 digital currencies in the world, and most of them are lucrative. The element of profitability varies from cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency. One can also determine the position of the digital currency in the market by going through trading platforms like “Bitpal” to determine whether it would be worth investing in the mining of a specific cryptocurrency or not. . There are various factors that determine the profitability of the crypto mining project, like the reward of block mining and the hash function.

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