AIA Online Shield

AIA has launched a new insurance plan, AIA Online Shield, which allows customers to purchase and process claims entirely online.

While many Malaysians are now getting used to shopping online, AIA is also making this plan readily available on the popular online shopping platform, Shopee.

This fully digital customer journey is AIA’s effort to make insurance more accessible and affordable.

“AIA Online Shield marks the start of AIA General Berhad’s digital transformation journey. We look forward to partnering with more digital platforms in Malaysia to bring new and innovative products to market that will help Malaysian consumers and their families live healthier, longer and better lives in a growing world. more digital, ”said Eric Chang, CEO of AIA. during the official launch.

He added that this new initiative aims to introduce new and innovative products that can meet the ever-changing protection needs of their customers.

AIA Online Shield is designed to cover accidents, COVID-19, and dengue fever. It gives customers the flexibility to choose the desired benefits and length of coverage, providing compensation of up to RM50,000 for accidental death, as well as RM12,000 for COVID-19 and dengue, respectively.

The move also represents a major next step for AIA to expand its digital distribution channels and address the unmet needs of a younger generation of customers who primarily shop online.

AIA is partnering with ZA Tech Global Limited to provide software and technology capabilities in this new initiative that will allow AIA to deliver tailored protection instantly based on customers’ lifestyle activities.

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