AIA Offers Two Free COVID-19 Coverage That Are Free To Malaysians

While this is an unpopular move, there is no doubt that a full second lockdown is what Malaysia needs to bring the outbreak of COVID-19 cases under control.

AIA Malaysia has decided to offer two completely free COVID-19 covers to allay the concerns of Malaysians.

“We understand that the anxieties are strong. As a leading insurer and takaful operator in Malaysia, we want to do what we know best to alleviate the worries of Malaysians, which is to provide them with the right protection they need in these times. difficult, ”said Ben Ng, CEO of AIA. Bhd.

The two free COVID-19 covers provided by AIA Malaysia are the COVID-19 vaccine complications coverage and the Free COVID-19 diagnostic coverage, including home quarantine coverage.

These two new blankets aim to help Malaysians cover costs that could be incurred if they come into close contact with COVID-19 or contract the disease itself.

Here’s what coverage entitles you to:

  1. Free COVID-19 vaccine complications coverage
  • Coverage includes hospital income of RM100 per day (up to 14 days) if a person is admitted to hospital due to complications from the COVID-19 vaccine, and a benefit of RM20,000 if the person dies in Malaysia as a result of side effects or complications from the vaccine.
  • This free cover is open to anyone between the ages of 18 and 70 wishing to register. They can activate their coverage between June 3 and June 14, 2021 through AIA Life Planners, and once activated, they will be covered until December 31, 2021 or when the total loss limit reaches RM3 million, whichever comes first. .
  1. Free COVID-19 diagnostic coverage, including home quarantine coverage
  • This special COVID-19 coverage provides cash relief of RM 1,000 to help clients who are diagnosed with COVID-19 and who cannot continue to work due to quarantine requirements, including home quarantine.
  • It also covers death due to COVID-19 – where a lump sum of 5,000 RM (for new client) / 10,000 RM (for existing AIA client) will be paid. Coverage is offered at no additional cost to AIA customers who have new life / family takaful / Flex PA plans with AIA that take effect between June 1 and June 30, 2021.

Free COVID-19 vaccine complications coverage is available to all Malaysians while free COVID-19 diagnostic coverage is available to existing AIA customers.

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