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Over the past few months, many companies have started to adopt and innovate different approaches to their operations.

For some, they’ve moved to an online business and for others, they’ve adapted their workforce to become more mobile to work from anywhere or even a combination of both.

Whatever the company, it is clear that companies have had to adapt to the online shift and that they need solutions to support their digital transformation.

As a result of this push, HP Inc. Malaysia realized that there was a need for reliable laptops and PCs, to give businesses access to a mobile working environment and easy remote access.

This is what the new digital transformation plan of HP Inc. Malaysia – HP for Business aims to tackle. HP Inc. Malaysia is keen to equip SMEs with the right tools to help them move from survival to prosperity.

What does HP offer for businesses?

The HP for Business implementation plan includes 3 different devices with different prices and specifications, so you can find the business PC that best meets your needs.

The HP for Business installment plan starts from RM85.50 per month for each PC. The PCs under the plan are the HP ProDesk 400 G6, the HP ProBook 440 G7 and the HP ProBook 445R G6.

Business PCs are also slightly different from home PCs, and here are some advantages why you should choose business PCs for work.

Image credit: HP Inc. Malaysia

Advanced security features

Unlike home PCs, business PCs are equipped with more security features to ensure that computers are protected against potential cyber attacks. For example, the HP ProBook 440 G7 is incorporated with features such as HP Sure Start and HP Sure Click.

HP Sure Start will automatically detect and scan for any potential malware in the BIOS and once detected, the BIOS will reset automatically, preventing your potential attackers from accessing your PC through the BIOS.

Note: BIOS stands for “Basic Input Output System”. This is basically the screen you see when you start the PC. Your PC will need to be running BIOS before you can even boot into Windows.

The HP ProBook 440 G7 / Image credit: HP Inc. Malaysia

On the other hand, HP Sure Click will help you keep your internet browsing as secure as possible. It protects your PC with hardware enhanced security that will repel websites and email attachments with malware, ransomware or viruses.

Made with resistance in mind

Business PCs also have the benefit of being built a bit tougher in terms of physical durability.

The HP ProBook 445R G6 is one of the other PCs under the plan and it weighs just 1.6kg. Although light, it is equipped with a sturdy frame to allow it to withstand potential shocks.

The PC also comes with facial recognition and fingerprint features so you can unlock it using your face or just a finger. It is more secure compared to entering your passwords in public.

Designed to manage your business operations

The HP for Business plan also comes with a one-year Deskera subscription (worth RM5,000) for 5 devices.

Deskera is cloud-based business management software to help you with your day-to-day business operations. It can handle accounting like invoicing, invoicing, purchase orders and manage accounts in different currencies.

It’s not just accounting software. It can manage payroll, employee time off, the sales pipeline, and can even schedule and send marketing emails.

Here are the 3 PCs available through the HP for Business installment plan:

Image credit: HP Inc. Malaysia

Note that terms and conditions apply and that there is a minimum purchase price to be eligible for the HP for Business installment plan.

  • For more information on the HP for Business installment plan, click here or call + 603 7627 6592.
  • HP for Business Installment Plan offer ends October 31.

Featured Image Credit: HP Inc. Malaysia

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