A Review Of The Super App & Its Food Delivery Services

Tony Fernandes went viral when he posted a photo of himself next to an AirAsia delivery bike.

This prompted customers to try out the service themselves, just to get a taste of ‘Uncle Tony’.

Although it will only start its delivery rounds between December 1 and Christmas, I wanted to test how the microsite on AirAsia’s super app was doing.

I gave her my lunch

AirAsia Food was actually launched in May this year to help support local small businesses and small restaurant businesses during the pandemic.

Where AirAsia food differs from its competition is by offering a zero percent commission to merchants who sign up for its delivery services.

The platform also covers a radius of 60 km in its final delivery destination. If you are within 20 km of the restaurant, delivery costs are free.

This explains why I was able to pick up my lunch from SS15 at my home in PJ without delivery charges, whereas I could not with delivery within a 10 km radius of Grab.

It also explained why I was seeing a completely different set of merchants on AirAsia food than I usually do on Grab.

AirAsia Food works just like Grab, but with a few UI differences, like listing each individual variant of an item in its own row.

If you want to add more quantities of the same order, a menu will slide up from the bottom of the screen.

This contrasts with Grab which takes you to a new page to place your order.

Order my lunch at Gold Chili

You will have the option to pay with BigPay or a credit card. You can also use your AirAsia BIG Points to reduce fees.

The platform also has the option of sending this order as a gift to a different address.

Unlike Grab, you won’t be able to track your orders through the mobile jumper icon on a map when your driver is heading your way.

However, they will send you live updates via Whatsapp messages when your driver has reached the restaurant or is heading towards you.

Something interesting happened when I received my food. My delivery man came on a Grab bike.

Surprised to find my food delivered by a Rider Grab

He said he worked for Grab full time and made AirAsia deliveries in parallel.

Then he showed me how he should confirm orders on his Grab and AirAsia apps.

I was curious to see if my Grab app reflected this transaction, but it didn’t show any records.

Confused, we contacted the folks at AirAsia to find out if they were outsourcing their fleet for food deliveries.

They responded that their food deliveries were handled by Teleport, AirAsia’s freight and logistics subsidiary.

So that leads me to conclude that my experience with Pilot Grab may have been just a one-off case of a scammer who works for both fleets.

They got a finger in every pie

OURSHOP e-commerce platform

Since 2018, AirAsia has been immersed in the field of e-commerce with OURSHOP.

The ‘Shop’ tab is where you’ll find non-perishable food and airport duty-free shop products at discounted prices.

When shopping online, you can choose to pick up your products on AirAsia flights or at the airport.

Since the March AGC, the platform has introduced home delivery products to support local SMEs through their Save Our Shops (SOS) campaign.

Also managed by Teleport, local deliveries can be received within 1 to 5 working days.

Next day deliveries are available for orders placed before 6 p.m. in the Klang Valley.

Ourfarm e-grocery platform

In June, AirAsia also launched its own online grocery store which can be found under the “Fees” tab of the app.

The online grocery store is where customers and catering businesses can purchase fresh produce in bulk from AirAsia’s agricultural arm, Ourfarm, which has hired previously laid-off airline employees.

You will also find small traders and online grocery stores like Saba-hae and Sejadi in this section.

Health packages can be found in institutions around SEA

The “Health” tab is where you will find significantly discounted packages for treatments in the areas of aesthetics, screening, wellness and fertility.

Depending on where you are, you can browse and connect with specialists and healthcare facilities through SEA.

Because my location was set up in Malaysia, I could only see the ones available in KL, Selangor and Penang.

Lots of coupons and offers here

Under the “Unlimited Offers” tab, you will see a consolidation of all available packages and offers.

It ranges from a wide range, from drinks at The Alley to massages and discounted hotel deals.

Just like Fave, you will be purchasing these packages as vouchers to use at a later date.

A great application indeed

At the end of the day, AirAsia has started in the travel industry and its app has a lot of features to reflect that as well.

Flights, hotels, and activities around SEA can all be purchased on the app so you can basically plan your entire trip from your phone.

Because you’ll be paying a booking fee, AirAsia’s partnership with BigPay allows for seamless transactions without the hassle of forex between countries.

Before trying the app for myself, I had my doubts about its claims to be Asia’s next super app.

But after trying it, I’m impressed with their ability to combine the functionality of many other popular and familiar apps.

I don’t think AirAsia’s Super App would reduce the need for Grab’s Super App as they both offer features the other doesn’t.

Therefore, I think AirAsia has actually found its own place in the market.

One wonders how much they have left in reserve to keep the business afloat while the travel industry is on hold.

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Featured Image Credit: Tony Fernandes, CEO of AirAsia

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