A Malaysian Animated TV Series Launching In 2021

For creatives, inspiration can really come from anywhere.

Karimah, Managing Director of Animatic Studios, told us that their brand new intellectual property (IP), Cubic Cats, was inspired by the bizarre behaviors of their own cats.

Cubic Cats was originally an idea of ​​the MDEC Intellectual Property Creators Challenge (IPCC) in 2017.

After winning one of the animated series categories, the team launched social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram to relaunch the brand.

They started posting a weekly series of comics and short animated clips highlighting the friendship between 4 cats called Bubu, Atati, Chey Chey and Juju, and their owner, Kak Ti.

What the series looks like / Image credit: Animatic Studios

These have all been well received by their subscribers, and they’ve even caught the attention of big companies like Jaya Shopping Center, Hai Meow Magazine, Royal Canin, and Powercat for their collaborations.

Now Animatic Studios is in the process of turning Cubic Cats into a full 50 short 3-minute episode animated series for television.

Cats behind creativity

If you’ve ever owned a cat or simply lived with a cat, you’ll know how expressive these little furry creatures can be.

They all have such distinct personalities too, and they are making it known.

You can call their names for hours and be ignored, and sometimes they won’t look at anything in space in particular for a while, which can be scary when it happens at night and you’re alone with them.

There is never a dull moment with a cat, and it is from these experiences that Cubic Cats draws its inspiration.

“We are big cat lovers, my brother and I have 5 cats,” said Karimah, adding that they usually brought 3 to the office and their team members also had their own cats.

Muses work hard in the studio / Image credit: Animatic Studios

“All of the content we’ve created is based on our experience living with cats. We create stories from the behavior of cats and add a little touch to make the stories unexpected. “

She shared an example of their recent animation. In it, Bubu accidentally unplugged a computer outlet while powering. This was taken from an actual event about a month ago.

“We were busy meeting deadlines, making sure everything was on track, and then bam! All the computer screens have turned black, ”recalls Karimah.

“We lost all of our work and when we looked under the table the cats were just meowing. We sincerely hope that the meows meant “we’re sorry” because we had to start all over again. Nonetheless, everything went well, but it was definitely a heart attack moment for us.

Cats are very helpful while spending the day in the studio / Image credit: Animatic Studios

By keeping the episodes short and the storylines simple and entertaining, Animatic Studios aims to grab the attention of children ages 7 and up.

Be creative in Malaysia

The total budget for the Cubic Cats animated series is RM3 million and the team aims to launch it by the end of 2021.

The real animators work hard on a stage / Image Credit: Animatic Studios

Since I guess the underrated creative industry in Malaysia struggles to make money (aside from a few titles that make it global), I really wanted to know if this was a profitable business.

Karimah responded positively.

We have seen that the demands in the creative sector are increasing year by year in Malaysia. The creative sector is a promising industry without borders. It could range from designing clothes to making games.

Karimah Rahman, co-founder and general manager of Animatic Studios

However, there are still challenges to overcome before you can fully develop. To begin with, mentalities must change.

People assume that creative work is often easy, but there are countless steps that take time and capital as well.

“Unfortunately, most customers don’t get this part. They would go for a cheaper price which limits creativity because creators cannot produce high quality video on a cheap budget, ”Karimah said.

“To overcome this, we believe the industry needs to start having pricing guidelines. This way, customers will know what to expect for the release and the creators’ creativity is limitless. “

Opportunities beyond the TV screen

One industry growth opportunity that Karimah sees is that animation is no longer made just for television.

They can also be found on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok.

“Not only that, but we could also see the rise of animation as a marketing tool, using animation as a unique selling point,” she said.

“For Cubic Cats, even though we are not on any TV platform yet, most of our sponsors have approached us because of the animation. So, there is no doubt that this industry is a growing market filled with endless opportunities.

The Animatic Studios team / Image credit: Animatic Studios

While Animatic Studios typically provide animation, visual effects, branding, 2D and 3D animation services, Karimah confidently stated that Cubic Cats will not be their only IP address.

Hoping to follow in the footsteps of successful creators behind IPs like Upin & Ipin, Chuck Chicken, BoBoiBoy, Didi & Friends and Ejen Ali, Animatic Studios also wants to develop Cubic Cats locally and internationally.

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Featured Image Credit: Animatic Studios

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