A Comparison Of Mobile Plans In Malaysia

YTL Communications recently launched its latest data plans under YES Kasi Up, which includes new postpaid and prepaid mobile plans.

The aim of these plans is to make mobile broadband internet affordable for all Malaysians. The plans come with two generous promotions that complement the benefits of the Kasi Up plans and promise to deliver additional value to customers.

So how does it offer the best value for money?

Let’s compare the postpaid and prepaid YES Kasi Up plans with the flagship plans of other mobile service providers in Malaysia.

What does Kasi Up Postpaid 49 offer compared to the competition?

YES Kasi Up Postpaid 49U Mobile Giler Unlimited GX68Maxis 188Celcom Mega UnlimitedDigi Postpaid 150 Infinite
PriceRM49 / monthRM68 / monthRM188 / monthRM168 / monthRM150 / month
Data quota100 GB *Unlimited**100 GBUnlimited**Unlimited**
Free callsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
HotspotYes5 GBYes30 GBYes
Total cost for a 24 month contractRM882 (18 months only; the first 6 months of Kasi Up are free)RM1,632RM 4,512RM4.032RM3 600

* Expandable with the YES Databack promotion.
** Subject to the fair use policy.

When it comes to the prizes, YES Kasi Up is clearly the winner. It offers the most affordable solution at just RM49 per month, not to mention a special promotion which means you don’t have to pay anything for the first six months of a two-year contract. That means a savings of RM300 on a 24 month plan!

When it comes to overall savings, nothing beats the value that YES Kasi Up offers.

However, you might have noticed in the comparison table that YES Kasi Up does not provide unlimited data every month. Despite offering unlimited data quotas, all telecom operators have a fair use policy (FUP) that applies to unlimited plans.

This is usually included in the terms and conditions of each plan which requires you to manage how much data you use. If you use too much each month, your download speeds may be limited to between 128 kbps and 256 kbps depending on the provider.

However, it is unlikely that most subscribers will reach that amount of maximum usage which will affect speed.

How does Kasi Up Prepaid Unlimited compare to other prepaid plans?

Prepaid with 30 days validity
YES Kasi Up Prepaid UnlimitedU Mobile Giler Unlimited GX38Unlimited prepaid hotlink (6 Mbps)Celcom XpaxDigi Prepaid NEXT 35
PriceRM30 / monthRM35 / month45 RM / monthRM35 / monthRM35 / month
Data quotaUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited30 GB
Internet speed limit7 Mbps6 Mbps6 Mbps3 MbpsNo
CallsRM0.09 / minUnlimited callsUnlimited callsUnlimited callsUnlimited calls
SMSRM0.09RM0.03 / SMS to U Mobile network
RM0.05 / SMS to other networks
Hotspot9 GB6 GB of data+ RM5 for unlimited hotspot3 GBInformation not available

Likewise, the YES Kasi Up prepaid plan offers the most affordable data plan at the lowest price for those on a tight budget.

As the comparison shows, this plan does come with some limits on download speed, but it is unlikely to affect regular users who may not need maximum download speeds for their daily use.

If you are more comfortable with a prepaid subscription then YES Kasi Up offers the best value for money. It has the highest capped download speed at 7Mbps at the lowest price. While its phone and text costs aren’t unlimited, these services are often not the top priority for mobile plan users these days.

YES Kasi Up also offers the most affordable prices for additional data. Coming to RM1 by 1 GB purchased.

Yes Price of Kasi Up data add-on
1 GB
2 GB
3 GB
5 GB
10 GB

It should be noted that while three of the five carriers offered offer unlimited data, the speeds provided are below the minimum requirement to properly stream video. Netflix recommends a 3Mbps connection for streaming in standard definition (480p), and a minimum of 5Mbps for high definition video. YouTube comes with a set of similar requirements.

How can you save and earn more with YES data plans?

In addition to offering the lowest prices for mobile data, YES Kasi Up plans come with TWO programs that allow you to save, earn and share money.

1. YES Kasi Up Earn & Refer

To sweeten the offer for both postpaid and prepaid plans: a referral bonus via the Kasi Up Refer & Earn program that puts money directly into your account.

The Kasi Up referral program gives you up to RM50 per person who signs up for a YES postpaid or prepaid account using your referral code. The amount you earn depends on the YES Kasi Up line used by the subscribers you refer.

Here’s how much you can earn just by referring other subscribers. Note that the Kasi Up Refer & Earn program offers benefits at different times depending on the plan chosen by the referee.

PlanUpon activationMonth 23rd monthMonth 45 monthsMonth 67th monthMonth 89th monthTotal
Kasi Up Postpaid 49 (without contract)RM20RM10RM10RM10RM50
Kasi Up Postpaid 49 (with contract)RM20RM10RM10RM10RM50
Kasi Up Postpaid 30 Phone Bundle (with contract)RM15RM15
Kasi Up Prepaid 15RM5RM5

Source: YES

In addition, the person using your referral code also earns the same amount. That means you both end up saving up to a whole month in phone bills.

If you add all that up, it could end up being a lot considering that YES Kasi Up Postpaid 49 is already giving you the first six months of your two-year contract for free. This equates to savings of up to RM344 each in your first year with YES. In other words, that means seven months of free data.

YES Kasi Up Postpaid 49 savings

First six months free (worth 294 RM) + YES Refer and earn (worth 50 RM) = Total savings worth 344 RM

2. YES Databack

If the 100GB per month offered by the YES Kasi Up postpaid plans isn’t enough, you can increase the amount by doing what you do best: shopping.

YES Databack offers the unique benefit of being able to earn an additional 5 GB of data for every RM50 spent on Shopee, with a maximum of 100 GB of additional data earned.

Considering the amount of online shopping that’s already going on these days, it’s not too hard to see how this side benefit adds so much value to any YES Kasi Up plan. In fact, YTL intends to expand this database promotion to more partners in the future, which will increase your opportunities to earn additional data.

No 3G stress with the YES 4G network

YES is the only 100% 4G network in the country. The advantages of this offer compared to the competition are due to what will happen within the framework of the JENDELA initiative.
As part of this initiative, the government aims to shut down Malaysia’s 3G network by December 2021. It is not known how other telecom operators will handle the change and whether this will affect network coverage or stability. However, this uncertainty does not apply to YES as it only works on the 4G network since 2010.

In other words, there will be no change in your YES 4G service even after updating the networks to meet the country’s future goals.

Who is the winner?

Based on the comparison above, new competitor YES Kasi Up is giving other mobile carriers a run for their money. It lives up to the claim of being the best value for money mobile data plan available in Malaysia right now. The postpaid plan offers the lowest rates with a generous six-month free membership and comes with a unique and engaging referral program.

The prepaid plan also offers the lowest rates for unlimited data, while also providing the highest download speeds among those with speed limits. Ultimately it’s about reducing the cost of data for all Malaysians while saving money and earning more.

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