9 Years Of Selling Swimwear Online In Malaysia

When a brand has been in a market for long enough, most begin to expand their product categories to attract new markets; in the process, increase their sales and profits.

Take H&M, for example, which filled its shelves with homemade beauty products in 2015 to expand its existing product line.

While Marks & Spencer branched out to sell food in 1931, in addition to their clothing.

Pink N ‘Proper takes a different approach.

This local Malaysian brand has been around since 2011. Over the past 9 years, they’ve stuck with one thing, and only one.

Fashionable and affordable swimwear.

Getting a good fit

Pink N ‘Proper couldn’t position itself the way it last we wrote about them 3 years ago, as the only swimwear brand accessible in Malaysia.

All the other swimwear brands in the world have become their competition.

“The only advantage we have is that we are located locally in Kuala Lumpur and customers can drop by at any time to try on our swimwear before making their purchase,” said co-founder Vivien.

The place she describes in Kuala Lumpur is their new boutique the brand moved to in late 2019.

“At the time, our first location was not for walk-in people, because we initially thought it would only be a work area and a warehouse,” he said. she declared.

“It was not presentable and the parking lot was a nightmare!”

With a growing team and more and more customers asking to participate in fitting sessions, they quickly moved beyond this location and decided to invest RM50,000 in a more presentable boutique in Kuala Lumpur.

“We have also grown our team and invested more in digital marketing,” added Vivien.

Some of their brand influencers are pulling the clothing line into the sea / Image credit @EmmaMaeembong and @Jestinna

Since our last interview, she told us that the team has now added a wider range of products to their inventory by sourcing them in-house and working with other local brands.

But they are still adamant about sticking to their category of swimwear products.

“We currently have no plans to release items from our category, but if we do, creating another brand for that purpose would be a much better plan,” she said.

Survive the depths Sea

While there was an increase in online shopping during the lockdown, I assumed swimwear products were certainly not a big seller at the time.

“What you mentioned was perfect,” Vivien said.

“Being closely linked to the travel industry, our sales have been greatly affected. We had to stay afloat using our reserves.

With survival becoming their main priority, all their plans to launch new collections had to be immediately suspended.

We knew the pandemic wouldn’t last forever, so we focused on planning our return once it was over.

Vivien, co-founder of Pink N ‘Proper

It is true that 3 months after the announcement of the lifting of the travel ban on the domestic market, sales started to pick up again.

The team invested every penny in advertising and marketing, which has paid off.

Vivien said they have been successful not only in staying afloat but also in building up their reserves for the inevitable second or third wave that is happening right now.

If it is not broke, do not fix it

Besides the new store and the bigger team, Pink N ‘Proper has been committed to what they do best.

On average, the brand is able to sell around 1,000 to 1,200 sets of swimsuits per month.

In our last interview, Vivien shared that the brand is able to get closer to its local customers by using Asian models whose main profession is not modeling.

It’s about instilling in their clients a “anyone can pull off this look” mindset.

They have since kept this marketing strategy as it works well for them locally.

“Our customers not only want to look good in our products, but also want to feel good when wearing them,” she added.

The brand chooses down-to-earth local social media influencers as role models / Image credit: @yvonnechua and Pink N ‘Proper

However, she admits that it has been difficult to relate to markets outside of Malaysia, which happens to be their main challenge right now.

Already shipping their fashion line worldwide since their debut, the only changes they’ve made since then have been to fine-tune and streamline their entire execution process.

Noting that their swimwear line is aimed only at women, we asked Vivien if she had any plans to expand into men’s markets in the future.

To which she replied: “At the moment, we do not intend to enter the male market, as we would like to remain focused on the female market for the time being. Maybe next time!”

With their brand positioning as the ‘one stop shop for all your vacation needs’ in Malaysia, they aim to become the go-to swimwear brand for consumers in neighboring countries and hopefully the rest of the world.

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Featured Image Credit: The Pink N ‘Proper Team

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