6 firms in S’pore hiring crypto roles

As Bitcoin and other digital assets go mainstream, more companies want to join in on the action.

Singapore’s more crypto-friendly regulations are paving the way for industry growth, and the rapid pace of asset digitization is also a place of opportunity.

For starters, the Singapore government announced last year that it would invest its money in strengthening the blockchain ecosystem by investing S $ 12 million, its first nationwide effort to expand research on blockchain technology. blockchain. The investment will facilitate the development, commercialization and adoption of larger real-world applications.

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Naturally, there has been a growing commercial adoption of distributed ledger technology and crypto-related business models in the republic.

For example, DBS’s new digital exchange reflects a growing interest in digital assets. Interest from institutions in cryptocurrencies and digital assets has also increased in recent months.

Here are six companies that are growing in this space in Singapore and not taking a break from the increase in crypto and / or blockchain related hires.


Singapore’s largest bank, DBS, has spoken out about its interest in the crypto space, such as trading and digital custody capabilities.

DBS is actively exploring new income opportunities. It launched a digital exchange months ago and also announced a partnership with Temasek and JP Morgan to build a new blockchain-based global payment platform.

DBS Bank
The daily value of DBS crypto transactions has increased more than 10 times since its launch / Image Credit: DBS

According to his latest earnings report, the daily value of DBS’s crypto trades has grown more than 10 times since its launch, and he said his crypto trading business is growing steadily.

More recently, he issued his first tokenized bond on the stock exchange.

The bank is increasing its capacity in this space and has several vacancies in Singapore for crypto and blockchain. This includes customer support and technical roles like blockchain developers and engineers.

Discover its job portal here.


Last month, games company Razer announced that it explore a potential entry in the cryptocurrency space.

Tan had said there was a nascent opportunity for Razer in the cryptocurrency space, given the wide reach of its Razer Fintech unit.

He said that Razer was unlikely to issue its own cryptocurrency, but he wouldn’t rule out the company accepting one or more of the other currencies for its hardware and services.

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True to Tan’s word, Razer went on to post vacancies recruiting a blockchain, crypto, and decentralized finance (DeFi) manager in Singapore, to explore business opportunities and investments.

Razer is also looking for a Global Engineering Manager with crypto / blockchain knowledge mentioned as a desired skill.

Discover its job portal here.

Group of ants

Alibaba’s Ant Group is known to make great strides in the cryptosphere. It retained its first place last year as the largest holder of blockchain patents.

Since 2015, the fintech company has invested heavily in blockchain research and development. Ant also owns the Chinese mobile payment app Alipay. It launched a blockchain-based cross-settlement platform last year.

Singapore is Alibaba’s international business arm, created to support its globalization strategy. Ant’s parent company Alibaba bought half of a commercial tower along Shenton Way last year, further strengthening its presence here.

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The Singapore office is focused on building and designing applications and solutions based on the Ant chain, suitable for the overseas market and businesses. With Ant winning the digital banking bid for a wholesale license last year, the company is poised to further expand its technological capabilities here in Singapore.

Currently, Ant has posted several roles in Singapore related to blockchain, such as engineering and technology solutions. She is also recruiting a Business Development Manager to accelerate the adoption of Ant innovations and applications.

Discover its job portal here.


Visa is another payments company that has allowed crypto to be used on its payments network.

The global payments technology company has licensed the use of cryptocurrency USD Coin (USDC) to settle transactions on its payment network, another sign of the growing acceptance of digital currencies by the mainstream community.

The company launched the pilot program with the Crypto.com platform to use USDC stablecoin, which is pegged directly to the US dollar.

Image Credit: Visa

Visa leverages the ethereum blockchain for these transactions, eliminating the need to convert the digital coin to fiat when making purchases. She plans to offer this option to other partners soon.

With Singapore’s policies more favorable to crypto, it’s no surprise that Visa is working on related technological developments here. The company said it is working on building its next-generation payments platform and is recruiting software engineers in Singapore.

Discover its job portal here.


The world’s largest digital asset exchange in terms of trading volume, Binance has been in Singapore for a number of years.

The company is actively recruiting and has achieved annual revenue of nearly $ 1 billion, according to Glassdoor.

The crypto exchange launched its platform in Singapore two years ago. Then Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao said Singapore will become a major crypto market. He praised the local government for its deep understanding of crypto and openness to financial innovation.

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Zhao even said that Singapore would be the country to lead the next financial revolution. Zhao had pointed out that a progressive regulatory environment is often a more important factor in a company’s decision-making process when entering a new market.

The company’s website says it has more than 2,000 employees at more than 20 locations. On its homepage, there are over 50 jobs in Singapore ranging from business development to finance and operations.

Discover its job portal here.


Singapore’s crypto exchange Coinhako was established in 2014 to improve access to digital currencies for mainstream consumers in Singapore and Asia.

It is founded by Yusho Liu and Gerry Eng. According to the fintech tracker gomedici, the platform registers around 100,000 monthly visits. The exchange has over 300,000 registered users in Singapore.

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Last month, he said he was considering a first public offering after his January-May trading volume rose 500 percent more than for all of last year.

Amid the surge in interest in cryptocurrencies, Coinhako had said it was stepping up its operations and improving its services to better serve its customers.

The company, which has more than 20 employees according to Rocketreach, registers its premises at Marina Boulevard. It is currently recruiting engineers and operations managers.

Discover its job portal here.

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