6 Coding Courses That You Can Sign Up For

During a visit to Singapore last year, Apple CEO Tim Cook compared learning to code to speak a “global language” and being equipped for the jobs of the future.

In schools, it has been made mandatory for all second cycle elementary students to take coding enrichment courses from this year to “develop a healthy pipeline of technological talent for the digital economy”.

As the economy increasingly relies on technology, more Singaporeans are learning coding not only to pursue an alternative career, but to remain relevant to employers.

While you can learn coding for free on sites like freeCodeCamp or even Github, certification often comes with a price tag.

However, websites like Coursera, Udemy, and Code Academy don’t offer cheap qualifications. It is even more difficult to tell which courses have substantive programs.

Meanwhile, renowned universities like Harvard have opened some of their courses for free, with an option to purchase the certification only after completing the course.

With that said, we’ve compiled this list of certified coding courses in the market that you can take advantage of.

EdX Harvard CS50: Introduction to Computing

By far our first choice, the Harvard CS50 is a basic computer program that is stackable on EdX.

Image Credit: Harvard

Completing the CS50 entitles you to earn a certificate in Web Programming, Game Development, Artificial Intelligence, Application Development and more on the EdX platform.

While there is a cost to obtaining certification, CS50, like many EdX courses, is verifiable or free.

This means you can try your hand at the course without committing to it wholesale and without seeing your investment go to waste. The course will cover languages ​​such as C ++, Python, Java and HTML.

Price: US $ 90 (S $ 125)
Duration: 8 to 16 weeks
Website: Harvard @ EdX

The cart

Le Wagon offers full nine-week and part-time 24-week courses in web development.

Image Credit: The Wagon

The course will teach its students the basics of programming in Ruby, relational database, SQL and ORM, software architecture and development tools and workflow.

The course is structured to take place both offline and online. Students should meet with their peers and teachers three times a week to work on coding challenges.

Recruitment and networking events also take place weekly, and graduates have been hired from Microsoft, Google, and Amazon. Le Wagon has a global network of alumni and partners spanning 39 countries.

Price upon request
Duration: 9 to 24 weeks
Website: Le Wagon


Hackwagon offers bootcamps in cybersecurity and Full Stack web development. Each course offers three classes responding to different levels of experience.

Image Credit: Hackwagon

All of the classes at Hackwagon are held in a seminar format, with graded homework provided at each stage of learning.

As one of the top five global coding schools on Switchup, Hackwagon offers its graduates a LinkedIn-enabled digital certificate to display your qualifications around the world.

The company also offers networking opportunities with partners, which connect graduates with internships and jobs.

Price: S $ 740 to S $ 2,500
Duration: up to 7 weeks
Website: Hackwagon

General assembly

Launched in 2011, General Assembly is a global company that employs an educational team from companies such as Google, Amazon and Airbnb.

It offers full-time and part-time courses for adults who work online and offline, such as Python, Javascript, UX, and front-end web development.

Image Credit: General Assembly

Their classes are structured in such a way that students become fluent coders and contain wrap-up projects that can be used for portfolio creation.

Companies like Bloomberg, L’Oréal and Havas are also hiring the General Assembly to retrain their existing workforce.

Price: S $ 5,350 to S $ 14,659
Duration: 1 week to 8 months
Website: General Assembly

SG Code Campus

One of Singapore’s most established coding schools, SG Code Campus partners with organizations like Amazon, Singapore Management University, and Apple to create and deliver computer science courses.

Image Credit: HoneyKids Asia

Although Code Campus is primarily aimed at students, there are courses for working adults available.

Classes include Python programming, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning.

Their customers include both individuals and businesses like OCBC Bank, PayPal, and Shopee. The school also offers data analysis courses.

Price: S $ 1,100 to S $ 10,200
Duration: 1 week
Website: Campus SG Code

SP Diploma (Conversion) in Web and Programming

Aimed at adults in the non-IT sector, this one-year, part-time program offers two post-graduate certificates on the fundamentals of web development.

Image Credit: Singapore Polytechnic

The course will teach you the basics of programming in Python and Javascript, as well as web design and optimization.

The degree was introduced in response to the Infocomm Media 2025 master plan which highlighted the growing demand for software development skills.

The course offers a subsidized fee for Singaporeans and those eligible for the Enhanced Training Assistance for SMEs (ETSS) program.

Price: S $ 570 to S $ 5,700
Duration: 1 year
Website: Singapore Polytechnic

NUS Graduate Certificate in Computer Foundations

This National University of Singapore (NUS) course is a part-time certification program aimed at empowering working adults with hopes of converting to the IT industry.

Image Credit: NUS

The course consists of a compulsory core software development module and two selectable modules from computer systems and applications, data structures and algorithms, and systems design.

The program must be completed within 36 months of the point of admission. Graduates of the program may apply for admission to the NUS Computer Science Masters program.

Eligible students may receive tuition grants under the ETSS or the Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy Scheme.

Price: S $ 550 to S $ 4,900
Duration: 5 to 36 months
Website: National University of Singapore

Featured Image Credit: Campus SG Code

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