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4 Sartorial suggestions for the dress girl

4 Sartorial suggestions for the dress girl

Ever wondered why women love slipping into a dress every now and then? Well, there has to be a reason for not loving the fuss free or say the pants free feeling especially when it is sweltering 48 degrees. No, dresses are not reserved for any particular season or time it is just that dresses and spring complement each other in the best way possible.

Latest Dresses
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Dresses are fun and liberating. They are also chic, romantic and extremely feminine. Available in a variety of silhouettes, you will always find a never ending option of colours and patterns in latest dresses. Also, latest dress design makes sure that there is at least one dress for everybody irrespective of their lifestyle, body shape and size.

And thinking of fashion, April is not much of a favourite among ladies. But then if the fashion lovers can really stop embracing and experimenting? The most unconventional of trends and prints found their way during this month only. After all the month is all about fooling, isn’t it?

And the latest dress designs are sure to challenge your “throw-on-and-go” mentality making you fall in love with one or two latest dresses.

There are the gothic florals, the bell shaped sleeves, off the shoulders, laces and frills. It’s about baring legs, arms, shoulders and more. Yes, you get it right. The latest dresses come in a range of styles and are sure worthy of finding their way into your wardrobe.

Here we bring you some cool and fun sartorial suggestion to make the most of April and all those boring months on your calendar

Sartorial suggestions
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  1. Double prints, double fun

Prints are fun and rejuvenating. We sure love the free vibe it gives. When looking for latest dress designs, go for crazy and unconventional prints. If you don’t feel satisfied enough make the fun double by opting for a playful mix of prints or keep it simple with one solid and one patterned piece for a subtle and sophisticated look.

  1. Get innovative

With latest dresses available in a range of length and cuts we are all avant gardes in the world of fashion. Tie and dye, florals, geometric prints, bigger & bolder stripes- if there is anything more unconventional than these latest dress designs. Pick colours that tread far beyond the tried and tested phrase.

  1. Wear your personality on your sleeves, literally!

While many of us were still trying to get a hang of the celebrity fashion world, fashion became personal. Suddenly fashion was about showcasing who you were on the inside through the clothes you wore and guess what could be better to show your personality than the latest dresses featuring cute and impressing sleeves design? Yes, ladies it’s time to pay attention to your arms- check out the latest dress designs with balloon sleeves, sheer sleeves, bell sleeves, elasticated sleeves, spaghetti sleeves and many more. The options will never cease. The question is only whether you are ready or not?

  1. A reminder to pay attention to your décolletage

Prints don’t really excite you? The sleeves don’t inspire you? Girl, it’s a reminder for you to concentrate on your décolletage. Creative necklines can really make even a simple dress super chic and stylish. While off-the-shoulder is always there, experiment with deep plunging necklines and ruffles on the collar are both sexy and flattering.

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