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A survey conducted by SME Corp in 2018 found that many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) were facing challenges ranging from IT to the digitization of their business operations. Among the problems reported were the high cost of the digital switchover and the establishment of an appropriate infrastructure.

Fast forward to 2020, SMEs are making this leap in digitization right now. Are you one of the business owners facing this problem? Here’s what you should do to digitally transform your business.

Try these three steps to transform your business to digital today.

1. Prioritize digitization according to your business needs

You will first need to decide what part of your business is most in need of digitalization and how to go about it. Depending on the nature of your business, you must first identify whether it is your customers, the delivery of work, or the management of employees who are in dire need of digitalization.

You need to focus on three areas:

  • Keep in touch with your customers (customers are happier if you provide automated services like automatic invoicing and online payments).
  • Move the management of your business online (going digital makes your internal processes more efficient).
  • Allow your employees to be mobile (people are happier and more productive if they have a choice of how they work).

Whatever decision you take to transform your business to digital, it will take money to make it happen. This brings us to the next step.

2. Do you need government funding?

Funding for the digitization process should not come only from your company. The government has provided resources to SMEs wishing to modernize their systems. The Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) and the Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Center (MaGIC) provide solutions for SMEs looking to go digital.

MDEC covers the areas of digitization that it has identified as the most critical for SMEs to adopt. As such, it will provide a 50% matching grant of up to RM5,000 per company that wishes to go digital in its targeted areas.

On the other hand, MaGIC is currently focusing on economic recovery due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. This takes the form of a government loan for the purchase of hardware, software and IT solutions. Don’t wait too long as this funding is only available until December 31, 2020.

3. Invest now in the right hardware / software at an affordable price

Once you have decided what you need and how much you are going to spend, now you need to narrow down what you are buying. While it is tempting to try to get as much as possible for your budget, it may be best to go for higher quality technologies.

HP for Business offers small and medium-sized businesses a financially flexible way to convert your business from paper to electronics. The HP for Business Upgrade Plan is a simple payment program that spreads the cost of the upgrade over 36 months.

The plan * offers:

  • HP ProDesk PCs starting at RM85.50 / mo.
  • HP ProBook laptops starting at RM96.08 / month.
  • Enhanced security features to ensure you stay safe from cyber attacks.
  • A free 12 month subscription to Deskera (Essential Plan worth 5,000 RM) for five users with access to a full suite of business management tools to manage accounting (invoicing, accounting, financial reporting), sales (CRM, Leads, Pipeline) and even employee management (payroll, leave, expenses).
  • HP on-site technical support

* Baths and conditions of application.

The shift to a fully digital workplace is already underway and you don’t want to be left behind. There is also no excuse to delay it, as the government is already offering financial assistance to make SMEs more competitive in the Internet age.

You can easily transform your business to digital with HP for Business. Equip your workforce with the best-in-class laptops and desktops with the HP for Business implementation plan. Visit the HP for Business website or call +603 76276592 for more information.

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