3 Condtions Must Be Met To Enter Phase 3

Education Minister Lawrence Wong announced yesterday (November 10) that “there may be a chance that we can (enter phase 3) before the end of the year”.

“Otherwise, we will move in January or early next year,” he added.

He stressed that we should “get it right” instead of rushing into phase 3 and “end up with bad consequences down the road”.

This would only be possible if everyone did their part, because with more events allowed to occur, the risk of increased COVID-19 cases is now higher.

“We have to be mentally prepared for this and be prepared to ensure that even as the local cases in the community increase, they do not form large groups out of control,” he said.

With that, he then laid down three key conditions that must be met before Singapore enters Phase 3 of the reopening:

1. Higher adoption rate of TraceTogether

According to Wong, the TraceTogether program plays a key role in contact tracing efforts and a high adoption rate is critical for Singapore to reopen safely.

Currently, the participation rate at TraceTogether is less than 50 percent. That number is too low, and he said he should instead have a turnout of around 70%.

Although TraceTogether tokens are distributed throughout the island, Singaporeans do not need to collect a token.

An alternative is to simply download the TraceTogether app on your smartphone.

“The faster you download the app, the faster we hit a higher turnout, the better the stars can be aligned. So consider downloading the app if you haven’t, ”Wong urged.

2. Compliance with secure management measures

Wong stressed that Singaporeans must take sound management measures “seriously”.

“If people are not responsible enough to defend them, then going further to relax (the restrictions) will be very risky,” he said.

He added that authorities will assess this condition through secure remote ambassadors, who will continue to observe the situation on the ground in places such as restaurants and parks.

3. Sufficient test capabilities

Finally, Singapore’s testing capacity needs to be sufficient – an area where Singapore is “doing well”.

“We have the testing capabilities in place, so we just need the contact tracing – TraceTogether – to be up and running,” he said.

“With the three indicators showing the green light, we would be able to enter phase 3.”

Featured Image Credit: Lawrence Wong / Gov.sg

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