2021 Planners That You Can Buy Online From M’sian Independent Sellers

2021 is approaching in less than 50 days.

What a race it has been. This year was so surreal.

A lot of the things that many of us had planned didn’t go as planned, but the New Year is just around the corner.

Still, while things haven’t turned out the way we want them to, it’s not a bad time to start planning for next year.

So here are 6 online stores to choose from that sell 2021 planners to help you set your goals for the coming year.

1. Perky Preen

Perky Preen was launched in 2014 by Fazila, who first designed wedding cards and wrapped wedding gifts.

But from 2016, she started creating personalized annual planners.

For her 2021 planner, she collaborated with RAD Culture, an independent educational platform on Instagram that regularly raises awareness about social injustice.

The 6 types of diaries measure 14.5cm x 22cm and you can customize the fonts in the tracker as well as your name in front of the book.

2 of their 6 planners / Image Credit: Perky Preen

As for delivery, you should expect to wait up to 2 weeks once it is placed.

What’s inside the planner: Stickers, Expense Tracker, Daily Water Intake Tracker, Women Empowerment Quotes, Astrology Readings, Self-Care Tips, File Folder, and Laminated Index Tab.

Prices: They all cost 99 RM except the black one, Restart, which costs 129 RM.

Shipping cost: In West Malaysia, it is RM15 for the first 1kg, with an additional charge of RM5 for each additional 500g.

For East Malaysia, it will cost RM18 for the first 1 kg in Sarawak and RM 23 for the first 1 kg in Sabah.

2. Everyday planners and bymirasya

Everyday Planners was founded in 2015 by architecture student Sarah Razi.

Sarah had always used a planner until she went to college because the normal schedule did not match her academic schedule.

Life without a planner was difficult for her at the time as she began to experience many hiccups in her studies and daily life. It was to the point where she even fell into depression.

It was then that she realized she needed to start planning and journaling again, so she designed one that suited her needs.

Later she started selling planners and created 3 different ones: academic, business, and fitness, and honed them to help people achieve their ideal planning structures.

For her planner 2021, she collaborated with bymirasya, a brand that sells modest Muslim clothing to create 2 models of planners.

Its founder, Sharmimi Razak had actually obtained a planner from Sarah before later collaborating on the creation of planners for bymirasya.

Planners measure 8 ” x 6 ” x 2cm and are 100gsm thickness to resist ink bleeding.

You can expect to wait 2-14 days for your planner to arrive at your doorstep.

The planner in his box / Image credit: Everyday Planners

What’s inside the planner: Weight Tracker, Monthly Achievement List, Inspirational Quotes, Separator Tabs, Daily Affirmations, Reflection Section, and Morning Reminders.

Prices: RM69.

Shipping cost: No fixed costs.

3. Kertas & Co.

Kertas & Co. was founded in 2019 and started out by creating 2020 planners.

Their 2020 planner had a cute feature which was habit tracker, where you can track your social media screen time, morning stretches, frequency of skin care, and supplement intake.

They have just published their 2021 calendars with free gifts for their first 30 customers.

Inside and outside their planners / Image Credit: Kertas & Co.

You can also personalize your name on the cover for free.

What’s inside the planner: Word Search Puzzle, Sudoku, Malaysia, Brunei & Singapore Holiday List, Inspirational Quotes, Expense Tracker, QR Code for Marie Kondo’s Tidying Tips, 30 Day Home Decluttering Program, and Personal Care List .

Prices: RM79.

Shipping cost: RM10 for West Malaysia and RM18 for East Malaysia.

4. PlannerHut

PlannerHut has been creating annual planners since 2016 and doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

For 2021, they’ve released 3 types of designs for their planners, and you can even reload the pages after you’re done.

Poolside planning / Image credit: PlannerHut

If you are a practicing Muslim, this planner could be useful as it contains lists of important Islamic celebrations, ibadah checklist, Ramadan activities, menu planner as well as sadaqah and Quran reading follow-ups.

What’s inside the planner: 30 Day Mental Health Calendar, Workout and Fitness Checklist, Password Tracker, Home Planning Tracker, Rules and Mood Tracker, Quran Terms Translation, Grocery checklist, monthly bills and savings checklist, and a 30-day decluttering calendar.

Prices: RM38 – RM75.

Shipping cost: Unspecified.

5. Planner by Aqisbi

Another planner that you might find useful if you are a practicing Muslim is Planner By Aqisbi.

Their planners have an Islamic calendar and a section called “Letters to my Creator” for their Muslim clients to write in.

It also has an amal mutaba’ah section to check the consistency of your prayer and other religious practices like fasting, sadaqah, and reading the Quran.

Some features of their agenda / Image credit: Planner By Aqisbi

The dimensions of the diaries are all 21.5 cm x 15 cm. They only have 30,000 units in stock.

What’s inside the planner: Monthly tab dividers, 2021 wall calendar, bookmark, reading journal and holidays in Southeast Asia.

Prices: RM 39.90.

Shipping cost: Unspecified.

6. Planners Asma Rodzi

Asma is a professional designer, illustrator and author who also happens to be a novice in the field of planners.

The whole 2021 agenda she launched is filled with illustrations that she has drawn herself.

She also shared two parts of her illustration process for the planner here and here.

Her illustrations in the book and stickers / Image credit: Asma Rodzi

What’s inside the planner: Malaysian holidays, wish lists, expense tracker, savings tracker, bookmark and stickers if you pre-order.

Prices: Not disclosed.

Shipping cost: Unspecified.

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Of all of the above options, I would go for Perky Preen if I am thinking of having my own agenda.

While this is the most expensive (among those who disclosed their prices), their aesthetic is the most appealing to me, which I think is important if you’re going to be looking at this book every day.

What they included in the planner is also suitable for my lifestyle, for example I’m not really a fit person so I don’t find a need for such a checklist.

If you’re thinking about getting a head start for the coming year, now is a good time to check out these online stores and their 2021 planners as they’ve opened up preorders and orders.

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Featured Image Credit: Everyday Planners / Kertas & Co.

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