15 Healthy Skin tips to protect your skin from this cool winter

15 Healthy Skin tips to protect your skin from this chilly winter

Healthy Skin tips: Most of the people always love winters, because it makes them feel fresh and alive. The Jumpers, scarves, ice games and whatnot you can find the whole lot of it. But the sad thing is, there will be no healthy skin this winter season.

Healthy Skin tips
Healthy Skin tips

Because winter isn’t a good friend for human skin and hair. This is the seasons where our skin doesn’t collaborate with us.

As the warm air has given way to the cold wind, and in this season, you must take care of your skin. There are many reasons why you should take care of your skin this seasons. And most of you might already know them.

During these months of the winter season, human skin tends to get dry, and you can find your skin itchy and dull. It happens because of the moisture, so you should take care of your skin and hair. Your skin and hair are required not only to look good but also to function the human body as well.

Your skin is responsible for keeping your body cold, and it will protect your body from germs and other invaders and another metabolic process. It is always important to take care of the skin to protect your body from other invaders.

Here I am going to say a few tips which make you feel better and also keeps your skin protected. These are the tested and working tips although many of you might know a few tips, you will get some interesting advice in this article.

Let us jump into it,

15 Healthy skin tips this winter:

  1. Wash with Lukewarm water:

You all might know about this tip because usually, you can find this point in any tips and suggestions because this is the essential tip. A 30-minutes long, hot shower might feel refreshingly great in winter seasons. But to be frank, exposing your skin longer to the boiling water can strip up the moisture from skin and hair.

So, you should think about tepid water which means lukewarm water for at least 3 – 5 minutes. If you really can’t take lukewarm water in your shower, you can try it when you are washing your face, hands, and legs. This Lukewarm water will protect your skin from losing oils (moisture) from your skin.

  1. Use Moisturizer soon after washing with lukewarm water:

Human skin always needs more moisture, but not only that it also need moisture right after you shower. It is still better to apply a moisturizer soon after washing with lukewarm water. Because it helps you to seal the skin and it protects your skin from outside invaders, and also it keeps your skin healthy. For Healthy skin, you should be doing this, so just keep a bottle near the bath and washing places to light up your skin.

  1. Dress for Protection:

When you are heading into the great outdoors, then get used to dressing for the weather. It is always crucial to cover by seeing the weather conditions.

Apart from that get used to using gloves, scarf, and hat to protect your skin from the cold breezes, rain, and Snow. You should use these to avoid the windburn and also protect your skin from the high interactivity with the cold air and snow.

  1. Protect your skin:

Protect your skin by using the best moisturizers, some of the moisturizers have ingredients which belong to petroleum. So those can dry your skin in the winter months. So you should use safe and quality moisturizers. You can pick the moisturizer that has some natural and nourishing ingredients.

Instead of the petroleum-based ingredients the natural ones. Most of you might believe that creams are best for your skin. But the oil-based product is more helpful, but always try which is more comfortable for you, Along with the best moisturizer, you should also be using sunscreen.

You might think I am crazy, but the fact is winter sun also can damage your skin, so it’s best to apply a safe and best sunscreen lotions.

  1. Protect Your Skin by Humidifying:

It is a fact that heating systems can dry out the air, so you should consider installing a humidifier in your home or other places you live. Mostly try to fix it in your bedroom to put some moisture back into the air and also to help your skin from drying out. It will be one of the best options to protect your skin. You don’t have to think twice, and it’s a nice, and it is healthier for the skin.

Healthy Skin tips

  1. Stick to Healthy Fats:

It is always a good practice to stick with the Healthy skin tips, the main thing you should consider is to take only healthy monounsaturated fats and fatty acids. You might found it complicated so let me give a bright idea.

Monounsaturated fats and omega three fatty acids are good for natural skin care. It is true that your body needs Essential fatty acids (EFA), as your body can’t make essential fatty acids on its own, you must only get them from the food you eat.

So, the primary and vital elements in skin care are omega three fatty acids these are the building blocks of the healthy cell membranes. So it right to take the Omega 3 fatty acids you can find those fatty acids in fish, walnuts, fortified eggs, flax, sardines, and olive oil, etc.

  1. Stay Hydrated always:

Drinking water is still helpful for body functioning. Most of the people tend to drink less amount of water in the winter season because they should turn from cold drinks to hot beverages like tea, coffee, and cocoa.

Here most of you are losing the fact that your skin needs hydration both from inside and outside. So, it is a good idea to drink plenty of water during winter not only water you can take fluids to stay hydrated. A little warm water with the lemon can be a refreshing and hydrating drink your body needs most.

  1. Take Some Vitamin C:

Vitamin C plays a vital role in the human body, the ascorbic acid and its role in the collagen synthesis makes Vitamin C a crucial for the Healthy skin, it has many beneficial effects on the skin cells, and many studies have proved that. So grab the bag at the market and fill the bag with the vitamin C produced products such as the dark leafy greens and citrus fruit etc. 

The Citrus fruit can help you boost your body’s production of collagen, same like other vitamin C as many of you might like citrus fruit I mentioned it specially.

  1. Overnight Protection with Moisturize:

Our body has many dryer areas like hands, feet, and elbows. These areas have thin skin, and so these tend to lose the moisture quickly than other regions of our body. So it always the best way to consider that slathering on a thick moisturizing cream or instead apply more at night. Then try to cover those with cotton wear gloves and socks to the cover the moisture.

Try covering all the dry areas with gloves and necessary things to prevent your skin from losing the moisture throughout the night.

  1. Exfoliate your body to get rid of dead skin:

People often forget to get rid of the dead skin; mostly every one remembers to help their skin to slough off the dead cells. In the winter season, you can find dead skin, particularly on your hands.

Although the moisture can’t get in, if the dead cell is abundant it better to protect your skin. So use an exfoliating body wash and apply it on your hands and face as well as your lips. After safeguarding you should use the moisture to make your skin smoother. You can see the difference yourself when you started using it.

  1. Strictly Avoid Toxins:

You should strictly avoid toxins, mainly if you have eczema, and the skin rashes, dermatitis or psoriasis. You have to avoid any substance that causes the allergic reactions and also stay away from the elements that create discomfort for your body.

In winter the skin is more frangible, so to avoid damage to your skin you should avoid all kinds of irritating fabrics particularly like wool and the chemical-laden detergents. Along with that use the mild cleansers and moisturizers which are specially designed for the sensitive skin.

  1. Apply Face Masks to Face:

Always use the homemade hydrating mask which can provide you with the needed moisture in the winter season. Don’t go for others use natural moisturizing ingredients like honey, olive oil, yogurt, avocado, almond oil, bananas, and aloe.

Just start mixing what you like together to create cream or a paste and then apply it and leave on your skin for 10-30 minutes for the long-lasting hydration.

  1. Make sure you Use Perfect Cleanser:

Most of you might be using cleansers, and it is a regular thing, but in winter you should use a perfect soap or else you will dry up your skin. Cleansers can dry your skin exceptionally well if you’re used to the cleaners which contain glycolic acid then just turn yourself in the winter season.

Naturals ingredient moisture cleansing lotions are best just a try with them. By using the natural cleanser, you can make your skin fresh. But make sure after cleaning doesn’t leave your skin naked for not more than 30 sec it can lead to the dehydration. Try applying a hydrating toner and moisturizer to seal the moisture around your skin.

  1. Avoid Tight Garments:

You can sense the cold despite after wearing the wooly socks and gloves. Now it is the time where you will try tight garments, but it is wrong thinking. Instead of that use the different strategy to encourage your blood flow just make sure you avoid the tight clothes or another type of wristbands and accessories which are fast. It will be hard for blood circulation. So always try to avoid close garments.

So that you can be free and also your blood flow will be natural. And it is a healthy practice, and because of natural blood circulation, your body will be healthy and fit.

  1. Winter Run outdoor:

Most of you might be fitness freaks, those who only enjoy the great outdoor activities like running and playing sports even when it is frigid. You better protect your sensitive skin by covering all your body with similar clothes and also by applying thick face cream. It is best to avoid outdoor practices if the snowfall is severe.


That is all about the 15 Healthy skin tips this winter, and I hope you all liked this article. Now it’s time to face the winter season with all these tips. Defend yourself and your beautiful skin from the cold winter breezes. If you have any other suggestions to say, then you are always welcome to share them here in the comment section. Come on let’s see who’s going to write their views on this post.

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