1.4M S’poreans to get up to S$500 GST cash vouchers from June 2021

In Budget 2021, the government announced that GST Vouchers (GSTV) – Cash recipients will receive a special GSTV – Cash payment of S $ 200 in addition to the GSTV – Cash payment.

Plus, all eligible HDB homes will receive an additional 50% off their regular GSTV – U-Save this year, through a special one-time GSTV – U-Save payment.

These are part of the 2021 Budget Household Support Package, which provides additional support to families during this time of uncertainty, with low- and middle-income families receiving more.

GST voucher – Special cash payment

Low-income Singaporeans who qualify for GSTV – Cash (paid out every August) will each receive an additional special cash payment of S $ 200 starting June 23.

Image credit: Ministry of Finance

In total, low-income Singaporeans can receive up to S $ 500 in GSTV – Special Cash and Cash Payment this year to help them with their daily expenses. This will benefit around 1.4 million Singaporeans and among those eligible citizens, nine out of 10 will receive their payments automatically.

GSTV – Cash up to S $ 300 will be credited directly to citizens’ bank accounts from July 30.

Those who do not have a bank account linked to PayNow-NRIC but have previously provided their bank account number to the government will receive their payments by wire transfer on June 30. The others will receive checks sent to their official address from July 15th.

In addition, around 575,000 Singaporeans aged 65 and over in 2021 will also receive a top-up from their CPF MediSave accounts of up to S $ 450 each starting July 30.

For more details on the GST voucher and to verify your eligibility, you can visit www.gstvoucher.gov.sg.

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